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Both!!! I read the blog post that was linked on HN about the source code hidden on the disk due to quick format (FAT not really deleting data on the disk) and at the same time stumbled upon the web version of AGILE.... and also saw the blog post regarding the 40th anniversary of KQ1!!! I was surprised to see my name!!!! (shock-face)

It was your version of JAGI that I started out with. I could see that you'd extended it quite a bit.

I've been monitoring the agile-gdx on GitHub for a while now, was able to build it locally..... It's nice to see it live in production

I tried playing the two player game but couldn't figure out the control for the second player and gave up  ;D

Hmmm, its a bit fiddly actually. You have to use the control key with A, D, Q, W, E, Z, X, C. The problem is that the web browser uses some of those for certain things and they can't be overridden. So, for example, Ctrl-W seems to close the tab!

Did you try importing one of the original Sierra games?

hey, @vafada, good to see you on here again.

Are you referring to the original AGI interpreter source code on the SQ2 disk? Or the web version of AGILE? I assume the former. I can't take credit for the discovery on the SQ2 disk. That was NewRisingSun, as far as I know. There is a thread on here back in October 2016 where he mentions it. Since then, I've extracted the same code from my own copy of Space Quest II. Since then, I have also discovered a further lot of original AGI interpreter source files on a KQ3 disk. The github repo contains both. There was only a small amount of overlap.

Have you given the web version of AGILE a try yet?

I don't think the complete AGI code was ever leaked as such. The documentation was, the editors were, the source for a few games, but not the interpreter code, as far as I know.

I have noticed that a few people have started mentioning it on various reddit communities now, including r/Sierra.

The stars for the agi repo just went above 40, and agile-gdx is at 22 at the moment.

A lot of traffic to, the most so far, seems to have come from a French website that mentioned it.

If you're quick, you'll see that it is at the top slot on Hacker News at the moment.

Edit: I'd encourage some of you to join in on the discussions going on. Really interesting.

Regarding promoting AGILE online, I had an idea about a week ago to put the original AGI interpreter source code out there and spread the story of its discovery in a blog post. As far as I know, it isn't commonly known of outside of our community. I think we're the only ones that talk about it, and, also as far as I know, I don't think anyone had noticed it prior to NewRisingSun mentioning it here about 8 years ago.

Anyway, I was thinking of ways that I could promote AGILE and thinking about how its implementation was always cross referenced again the original AGI interpreter source to help make sure it was as accurate as possible. I started thinking that the story about how roughly 70% of the AGI interpreter source code ended up being copied onto tens/hundreds of thousands of customer copies of SQ2 would be something that people might be a lot more interested in and perhaps I could use that as a way to link to AGILE as well.

It seems to be working. I published the blog post this morning, along with a github repo containing the source. It has both the 70% of the code from the SQ2 and another 5% or so from the KQ3 disk that I mentioned in a forum post on here a while back. So there's roughly 75% of the AGI interpreter source in there.

I mentioned it on Hacker News not long after publishing the blog post and repo. I'm checking now after work and the new "agi" repo has 10 stars already and the agile-gdx repo has also been increasing today, now at 14 stars. I haven't yet mentioned it anywhere else. Well that's not quite true. I tried to mention it on r/Sierra on reddit but my post was blocked again. I'll have a think about where else to mention it. Feel free to mention it wherever you like.

I have noticed a definite increase in views over the past 24 hours, in fact it has been the best day so far. It looks like a lot of that is from facebook, so thank you both. I have also been promoting it in more technical places, such as the libgdx reddit, as AGILE uses libgdx, and the gamedev.js newsletter. I'm going to think of a few more like that. Maybe things like webdev and javascript on reddit, but focus more on the tech used, e.g. certain browser APIs, as a way to introduce and link to the app. - Someone in the libgdx reddit was happy to have been able to play Tetris on their phone. Not sure which of the two Tetris games that was.

Yeah, I agree that bringing the subject back up under comments, etc. in relation to something related but new is avoiding being spammy. Thanks for the efforts.

The github stars have increased from 5 to 9 since the launch, so a few people have been looking at the github page as well.

AGI Development Tools / Re: C# AGI Interpreter
« on: May 14, 2024, 02:03:21 AM »
I might go with GPLV2. That is what I went with for agile-gdx but that was mainly because the original JAGI was using that, from where agile-gdx borrowed some of the AGI resource reading code. I don't think it matters too much and it is what you have for the NSIS-Installer anyway. I think that's fine.

I saw that video mentioned all over the Internet. I think it created quite a stir. It was great that they published a video like this for the event. I watched it last night.

I also saw a couple of other youtube videos in relation to the 40th anniversary. One of them mentioned the confusion about when the game was published, i.e. 1983 vs 1984. I know we've discussed that in a thread a few years ago, which led to the 10th May 1984 date being the outcome, but I thought I'd add a link to the copyright record in this thread to keep all the info together:

I think r/Sierra doesn't allow this kind of content. In my limited experience, it gets removed immediately.

I can see that you managed to get a post through the spam bot detection on r/Sierra. Thanks for that!  :)

Thanks all. Yeah, its been fun making it as well. Hopefully the site will live for years to come and people will use it as an easy way to play the games. The traffic to the site seems to have been steadily increasing through the day, so maybe the word has been getting around. Thanks to those who have been helping to spread the word.

I'll announce on the Sierra Facebook groups.

@Collector, feel free to announce it in the Sierra Facebook groups any time from now.

The Medium post is published: is the post on my own GitHub pages site:

I have also posted on Hacker News. I am about to post on reddit.


I tried posting on reddit, but it is saying that the post was removed by the moderators. Not sure if that means that it is waiting for a moderator to approve, or whether it has actually been removed. I guess I'll wait a bit to find out. Maybe it is because its my first post.

Edit 2:

It looks like it was the automatic spam detection used for r/Sierra. I may have been a little too enthusiastic in my promotion. It worked fine for r/kingsquest though.

My plan from midnight my time zone is to publish the following:

Maybe midnight my time is too early. I'm in the UK, so that is just under an hour away. Most of the US is still in the afternoon of the 9th at the moment. I guess I could wait until 6am UK time.

Whatever I decide, I'll post here after I've published the blog posts.

AGI Development Tools / Re: CrafterCMS (Online AGI tools)
« on: May 09, 2024, 05:56:01 PM »
I have just finished a full play through of Let Them Eat Cake running in AGILE, with 37/40 points.

AGI Development Tools / Re: CrafterCMS (Online AGI tools)
« on: May 09, 2024, 02:58:25 PM »
I think the issue is the following line:

Code: [Select]
if (posn(ego, 145, 135, 160, 160))

I can't seem to get any closer than X = 144. Oh... is it because I'm holding the broom? :D  ;D

Yeah, that was it. I didn't need to do that in the other version, so didn't realise that that was part of the puzzle.

AGI Development Tools / Re: CrafterCMS (Online AGI tools)
« on: May 09, 2024, 01:36:00 PM »
@russdanner, have you played through version 0.7 of LTEC, i.e. the one you sent me?

If you find any issues, let me know and I can upload a new version of the ZIP for you.

I did try just now and couldn't seem to get out of the first SQ scene. It looks like I've swept the whole deck, the message has appeared from my watch, I've read through that, but I don't seem to be able to walk out of that room to the right. I'll try again this evening but just wanted to check with you if everything is okay in that room.

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