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Not a single clue!
Any idea why in the pic I edited into my last post shows that it's matching ? in text 730 and 725, but not 744?

I probably need to check the bytecode for 730 and 744 to see if the ? are different values.
This is because .sc files are saved with the DOS to Windows translation baked in. String literals are translated back to DOS-437 on compilation, so it's the script (or heap) resources that have the e-acutes as 0x82, not the source code. Therefore, the e-acute you're entering (0xE9) is actually in the .sc files and can be found.
FYI, it seems to always find extended characters inserted into scripts. Just something I'll need to be aware of when searching the text files I guess.

Edit: attached a pic of it detecting ? in some text files, but not others.
If that's the latest release, that may be the search function not acknowledging the transparent DOS-437 to Win-1252 translation. Or said translation step otherwise messing with search. I dunno.

So lets say you did that, with a clean copy, it'd default to "source is 437, translate it to 1252 so the accent marks are correct". You add those e-acutes, which are byte value 0xE9 (also U+00E9 what a coincidence) in Win-1252. You save the resource, and it gets translated back to DOS-437, so the e-acute is now byte value 0x82.

If the search feature doesn't include that translation step, you're looking for the e-acute with an 0xE9, because that's how Windows does it, but none of the resources actually contain that byte -- it's 0x82, because that's the point in the font resources that looks like an e-acute.
I noticed that sometimes SCICompanion doesn't match extended characters when searching in text files. For example, if I start with a clean copy of LSL1VGA and replace several letters with e-acute, rebuild and search all files nothing is found.

Some times it does find them though. In another copy of lsl1 remake it finds them inconsistently between text files. Any thoughts on why that might be? 
Ken & Roberta's new company, Cygnus Entertainment, sends out occasional emails with updates on their Colossal Cave game, as well as other things they are involved in.  Their update for today included this:

A while back, we were approached by some filmmakers who were interested in producing a documentary about the adventure game genre, but more specifically, the story of myself, Roberta and Sierra On-Line.

We refused.

Sierra On-Line's story is an amazing one. It deserves to be told. However, we've been down this road before, on a variety of other documentary projects and nothing ever happened with them. One of the producers on the project, Cade Peterson, is a friend of a friend, and also in the game industry. Cade persisted after our refusal, ultimately convincing us his team would deliver.

The Sierra story is the thing great movies are made of. There are highs, lows, good guys and bad. We are excited to finally see it told in this documentary format.

A few weeks ago, we conducted our interview for the documentary. It was a long grueling day.

The documentary folk dug in deep, capturing some incredible footage. I had thought we might be done, but there's a lot more to cover. We?re delighted to see that some of our beloved Sierra creators like Al Lowe and Lori and Corey Cole are part of the project too? with many more to come, we?re told!

You can follow the project for updates at this link.
AGI Development Tools / Re: CrafterCMS (Online AGI tools)
« Last post by lance.ewing on June 06, 2024, 06:09:21 PM »
It would be great to see AGILE support AGK's PowerPack down the road. Threepwang has already used it to create a French translation of SQ1 (with SQ2 nearing completion) that supports extended characters in player inputs. That was a big limitation in Robin's French games.

It would be much more involved to add support for the PowerPack, but I do hope to implement it at some point.
AGI Development Tools / Re: CrafterCMS (Online AGI tools)
« Last post by lance.ewing on June 06, 2024, 06:05:20 PM »
Thanks Russ. I'll try to get the new version of LTEC on the site over the next 24 hours.

This has now been updated to the new version.
AGI Development Tools / Re: Original AGI Interpreter
« Last post by Kawa on June 06, 2024, 02:32:40 PM »
And I recall adding some .if uses to what might be slightly older parts of SCI 1.001.100. To improve readability, dig?
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