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Offline Cloudee1

Well, it turns out there is one editing option in Studio that I was lacking in Companion. I had a text file that had 256 entries in it. When I actually went to use it, I had some pretty strange results when using Display and a text entry 100 or higher.

I had to rethink my approach and in doing so, I wanted to remove entries from the text resource. Unfortunately there is not an option to delete a text line in Companion.

It was a bit nostalgic using Studio after such a long time.

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Offline gumby

Hey, you don't need to ditch Companion to fix this issue:,322.0.html

For any text resource you reference over 99 in a Display(), you need to first load the text reference into a temporary variable first by using GetFarText:

Code: [Select]
GetFarText(000 100 @tempStr)
           dsCOORD 0 100
           dsCOLOUR clYELLOW
           dsBACKGROUND -1
           dsFONT 4
           dsALIGN alCENTER
           dsWIDTH 320

What I didn't know up until now is that it was compiler-specific.  Good to know that in Studio you don't need to use this workaround.
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Offline Cloudee1

I don't know that it is compiler specific. I used studio to delete the text file lines over 100. That was something that Companion couldn't do, or at least I couldn't find the option to delete or remove a line. Once I was done deleting, I had the studio folder moved into the recycle bin. I was afraid it was going to crash on me in the middle of my editing. I am certainly not going to stop using Companion

My work around was to change my 1 massive text resource into 4 large text resources.

Too bad I didn't know about pulling it into a variable before trying to use it, that probably would have saved me a bit of work. But really it wen't pretty well. I just resaved my massive resource 4 times and started deleting. Had it all done and squared away in less than 15 minutes. Wish all of my obstacles could be sorted out so quickly.
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Offline stateofpsychosis

i like using studio for editing the vocab or when a (not is making companion crash... it won't crash in scistudio so i can figure out the problem easier there.

other than that tho companion is so much easier to use :)

Offline MusicallyInspired

The only problem with Companion that Studio doesn't have is a character limit on text resource lines.
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