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Re: Pre-AGI2 versions
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Looking back at this...

Code: [Select]
%action discard.pic(VAR) 87 [ Last command in KQ2 v1.1H
%action set.key(NUM,FLAG) 88
%action reverse.cycle(OBJECT) 89
%action step.size(OBJECT,VAR) 90
%action last.cel(OBJECT,VAR) 91
%action normal.cycle(OBJECT) 92
%action load.view(VIEW) 93 [ Verified duplicate
%action nop2(NUM) 94
%action,VAR) 95 [ returns 250 if the distance is too great. Seems to take ego's direction into account as well.
%action set.bit(NUM,VAR) 96
%action clear.bit(NUM,VAR) 97 [ Last command in BC v1.1M seems to make sense that with 87 being the last action command in the PC KQ2, that any Apple II specific commands would appear after that. So we have 88 in the Apple II KQ2 game appearing to be an Apple II specific command of some sort.

And with 97 being the last action command in the PC Black Cauldron game, the Apple II version has matched all 97 of those and moved what was command 88 in the Apple II KQ2 game up to position 98.

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