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Wikis and SHP Forums Restored.
« on: December 27, 2022, 07:10:12 PM »
SHP was migrated (unrequested) to another server. This process broke the Wikis and forums. The supposed "techs" moved it with no regard to required PHP versions. This caused it to throw 403 and other errors. Support staff was mostly worthless, but managed fix it on my own. Unfortunately I had to upgrade the Wikis, which broke several extensions, the most important one was the code highlighter. There is a newer version of the extension, but it requires python and pigments to be installed. This is why I have not updated the Wikis for a while. Installing these needs to be done on the hosting service's end. I am trying to get them to do this, but I have doubts they will. I probably should start shopping for another hosting service. Anyone know of a good, reasonably priced one? One that does not charge extra for a certificate for HTTPS?

By the way, I had to move the forum to subdomain to set a PHP version that didn't break it.
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