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Max characters in a single logic file?
« on: April 10, 2022, 03:02:53 AM »
So I have been working hard on a massive AGI logic file and have run across a problem that I have never enountered and am curious if anyone can offer some guidance. I am using an older version of WinAGI (I can find the version if that is helpful) and was typing away and discovered that, mid-word, I was unable to type any more letters in my logic file unless I first erased something (anything from anywhere in the logic). It was character for character (i.e. when I erased one letter, I could then write one letter, if I erased 2, I could write 2). Eventually, I just erased some comments that I had created that were no longer necessary so I could finish what I had been working on, but I was wondering if anyone knows whether I have possibly hit some hard cap on characters possible in a single logic file.

Is there such a thing as a cap on characters possible in a logic? Or is it limited in any way? Is it possible that there is a cap on the WinAGI side of it? Or is it possible that somthing else is going on not really related to either that I am missing or misinterpreting? Has anyone come across this before?

I can split this logic up into several logics, so it ultimately won't make what I am planning impossible, but, if it is something I'll need to plan for, it would definitely be more convenient to figure out how to split things up into separate logics now rather than trying to cut one logic into two logics later. Thanks!

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Re: Max characters in a single logic file?
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2022, 04:25:25 PM »
Well, with fresh eyes today, my problem seems to be gone. I have successfully tested adding thousands of characters (of gibberish) to the logic that was causing me difficulty yesterday and had no problems. I do wonder what was happening the other day that prevented me from doing so and wonder what changed from yesterday to today that made my results different. If anyone has any ideas, they'd still be appreciated, but it seems like my 'problem' is really a non-problem. Thanks!

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Re: Max characters in a single logic file?
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2022, 02:13:46 AM »
Hi klownstein, sorry to hear you had some troubles with WinAGI. There was a limit of approximately 32K characters in the logic editor at one point (I can't remember the exact version where I fixed that, but I think it was around 2.1.1). If you check the readme.txt file that is in your WinAGI program directory it should tell you if it's a version that has that limit.

With all the testing I've done, I have had a couple times where the rich text window (which is used by the logic editor) has done some weird stuff - usually it has just frozen, where it seems to ignore all input, but the text is actually being updated even though you can't see it) but that has been extremely rare- no more than once a year or so. And I've never been able to duplicate it. I feel comfortable blaming that on Windows...

I strongly encourage you to upgrade to the most recent version of WinAGI. And if you have this happen again, best suggestion I have is to save your work in progress, quit WinAGI and restart it. If that still doesn't fix it, try a reboot (OMG, I sound like a Help Desk Tech!) and then restart WinAGI.

And if you ever happen to have something happen that you're able to duplicate, please let me know so I can track down whatever might be causing it.

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