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QFG1 EGA Deluxe
« on: December 17, 2022, 05:51:57 PM »
This is the 1st public release of a mod for Quest For Glory I EGA that I've been working off and on for a couple years now.

It's an extensive rewrite a couple key aspects of QFG1 to support 1 new major feature I added now (and a handful of minor ones), and 2 potential features I would like to add in the future.

The big feature is one I've talked about before: No game over screens when you die.  I've replaced all Restore/Restart/Quit death screens with Retry/Restore/Quit death screens. These will let you revert things to just before the death, and as a bonus will mark that death as achieved, in your Death List.  No auto-saves, no 'save early, save often' required.

Because of how invasive this mod is, I cannot distribute it as simple patch files. I also opted not to distribute as a binary diff, so instead wrote my own extractor program that requires an existing copy of QFG1 (any QFG1 EGA) to validate against before extracting. Note, you'll still need to add it to ScummVM or DOSBox manually to run it.

Some of the potential features I started (but have disabled) are selecting from different playable avatars (it's disabled because while I've done the code to allow it, I haven't done any of the artwork...), and enabling access to the shed in the town (again, it's disabled because while I've made the door openable, I haven't drawn a room for it).  You can enable either of those BETA features by a creating specially named file in the game folder, if you want to try them.

I'll paste the rest of my readme here:
## QFG1Deluxe

Custom mod of QFG1 EGA, replacing death screens with a Retry feature, and keeping track of which deaths you've experiences.
Beta features include adding a second playable character, and new rooms/puzzles.
To enable BETA features, place the corresponding file in the game folder (the file can be empty):
 - 2AVATARS : Enables two avatars to pick from: Male or Female
 - 3AVATARS : Enabled three avatars to pick from: Male, Female, or Other.
           Other is an inverted colour for debugging. This could conceivably be replaced with
           any other sprites in the future... an elf, an ogre, whatever.
 - SHEDOPEN : Unlocks the doors to the Town shed.  Note, the room is a very crude drawing.
            Technically, this isn't even in BETA, more like ALPHA.

## Changelog

 - fixed original QFG1 bug with casting spells accidentally casting twice in some circumstances
 - fixed missing negative points for killing bear by daggers or magic.
 - added support for multiple avatars (choose Male, Female or Other)
    o   To enable, there must be the file 2AVATARS or 3AVATARS present in the game folder.
      Female is WIP, and only has a single replaced graphic
      Other is a Proof of Concept, and is for debug testing.
 - added * next to Zap on inventory screen when your weapon is charged (like in QFG2).
 - added the beginnings of the town shed interior. To enable, there must be a
   file called SHEDOPEN present in the game folder.
 - added additional game flags exported in your character save (at game end)
 - added right-click look on Maltese Falcon in the Brigand Leader's room.

 - fixed a fatal bug in the goblin ambush area
 - made minor tweaks to several areas. They shouldn't affect gameplay.
   (rock throwing script, dagger throwing script, flame dart throwing script,
   antwerp following script, brigand courtyard script, dag-nab-it script,
   healer's hut tree script)

Here?s a quick Changelog:
-   All deaths replaced with a Retry dialog
   o   The Retry will revert only the relevant bits back to just before the
      death, so as to let the hero try again.
   o   If the hero got killed, I restore some health (sometimes all health?
      can?t remember which gets what treatment)
   o   Any skill gained between dying and retying are kept (I?m taking a cue
      from EarthBound here? it is a game, afterall, the point of which is
      primarily to have fun. Building skills is incidental to that? and
      anyway, if you died because your skills were too low, you need them
      higher eventually anyway)
   o   Date/Time are not reset except in certain time-critical instances. 
      Conceivable, if you die hundreds of times in a room, days could pass,
      but that?s such a small problem, with no real consequences I don?t worry
      about it
-   Added a new screen that shows how many deaths total, and how many unique deaths
   you?ve had.
   o   It also lists the first 32 deaths (in a predefined order), with the most
      recent shown 1st in red.
-   Restored a unique death in the Sheriff Break-In house that was never shown due to
   an original script bug
   o   If you crack the safe 3 times in a row, the game accuses you of ?Power
      Gaming? to build up your skills, and wakes up the Sheriff.
-   Restored an unused instant-death and animation in the 2nd room of Fred the Troll?s
   cave. He sneaks up on you, and the game does a Luck Roll to see if you get killed
   instantly, or have to fight him.
-   Added a text title for the Sheriff?s Wife?s single line of dialog (if you enter
   her room). She always had a name in the source code, but I don?t believe it was
   ever visible in game before now.
-   Slightly tweaked the meetings with Baba Yaga to show the sword cursor when she?s
   expecting you to reply.
-   Changed Date/Time shortcut to ^d to be consistent with QFG2
-   Modified Razzle Dazzle slightly (show different title bar, expanded Alt-S details,
   let Alt-X ask what amount the skills should be set to.
-   Added a SillyClowns toggle. It modifies the Date/Time message a bit.
-   Changed in-game status bar text back to So You Want To Be A Hero, as it was in the
   original release of HQ1

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Re: QFG1 EGA Deluxe
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2023, 10:25:16 AM »
Hi Charles,

I just saw your work, it's great!
I plan to translate this game into French sooner or later.
I could then rely on this wonderful update :)

Many thanks!!

PS: Are you the author of Blazingstix: Quest for Glory utilities?
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Offline Charles

Re: QFG1 EGA Deluxe
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2023, 12:59:13 PM »
PS: Are you the author of Blazingstix: Quest for Glory utilities?
Yup, that's me. Although I've never seen them called that exactly. Just the Quest For Glory Importer.

I just saw your work, it's great!
I plan to translate this game into French sooner or later.
I could then rely on this wonderful update :)
Also, thank you very much. That's very nice to hear.

You're of course more than welcome to base your french translations on the update I did. You can get the source on my github:

Offline Threepwang

Re: QFG1 EGA Deluxe
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2023, 12:33:42 PM »
I suspected you were Blazingstix  :)

Oops, sorry for "Quest for Glory utilities", you right is "Quest For Glory Importer".
You are a true fan of Quest for Glory series!
Thanks for all the hard work!
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