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Object Properties & 'Sanity-check' Said() strings
« on: December 11, 2010, 10:20:12 PM »
I'm not quite there yet, but I need to get this down.  I'm am convinced that I need all my 'objects' of my game - everything that can be interacted with - need a certain set of properties.

This set of properties number a dozen or two.  I'm considering how best to handle this.  The properties are things like 'takeable', 'is light', 'is vehicle', 'container', 'is weapon', etc.  I consider these to be universal to all my objects within the game.  I'm pretty sure that they would be need to be tracked/persisted globally (their state could change - after a candle burns out it would no longer have the 'is light' property)

First, how should I construct my objects to best handle these properties?  Should I subclass the Object class & add these properties (like how the Autodoor subclassed the Door script)?  Or should I just create an array for each property, where the index of the array is the object number & correlate them?  For example, if I have 100 objects, I would have an array 'takeable[100]', 'is_light[100]', and the index of the array would correspond to each object.

Further along these lines, after such a structure is set up & useable, I'm thinking about implementing basic, default, sanity-check said string code logic, leveraging these object properties (sort of like what I did for identifying actors - I would also have to pre-process the input string to identify what the subject is)  For example:
Code: [Select]
   (if(Said('light')                      //   user input for example is 'light lamp'
        (if(subject does not have light)   //   this logic doesn't work, but you get the idea...
           Print("Preposterous!  You can't light that!")

The reason behind this to handle inputs that are total nonsense - but legitimate.  I would hate the alternative, which would have to check every object that is 'lightable' (or not lightable).  I guess I could just handle each object that is lightable, and then the default would be the above print statement.

Sorry for the brain-dump.
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