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SCI Resources
« on: December 16, 2006, 04:57:37 AM »
One of the hardest parts about learning to program with sci is in finding resources to guide you. I don't know of a single php programmer who doesn't reference the php manual. Unfortunately, we don't have such a manual and what we do have isn't in one place, but that isn't to say that there is nothing, on the contrary.

Scripting Resources
  • Brian's Making a Game with SciStudio 3: Volume 1 ... All beginners start here. Giving a basic introduction to all types of SCI resources as well as guiding a user through the process of creating a basic two room game including picking up an inventory item as well as interact with other actors and changing score.
  • Brian's Making a Game with SciStudio 3: Volume 2 .. Far less useful or descriptive as volume 1, the second volume describes adding in global said phrases, controlling an actor via changestate, as well as providing step by step guides for making guages, buttons, and windows more graphical
  • Troflip's Advanced SCI Studio tutorials ... Consisting of 8 chapters ranging in topics from advanced said strings,  using loacales and regions, adding a shadow to the ego, a template fix and discussion of using the jumpto command, to controlling ego's z index as well as a great discussion on using control colors effectively.
  • My own Larry 2, Reloaded! ... Working usable SCI source code meant to mirror the first city of Sierra's Leisure Suit Larry 2. Consisting of approximately 30 rooms, the code reflects several examples of a number of things, ranging from the copy protection when you first load the game, to the sea gulls and the presents they drop while flying overhead, to the pistol packin attendant of the quickie mart.

Decompiled Scripts
these scripts were created with a decompiler that we don't have access to. They aren't perfect in that you can't just copy and paste into scistudio, you can come pretty close though and they might give you some new ideas.

  • FreeSCI Groups Documentation ... Goes into technical detail about Sierra's Creative Interpreter, hence SCI, and different types of calls that are made upon it. They also  document their own work on FreeSCI an alternative interpreter to Sierra's, but it still has a few bugs. The documentation has fewer bugs and is well beyond my own grasp.

  • FreeSCI ... This is the first and only non-Sierra SCI Interpreter. Currently it supports SCI version games. All kernel functions have been added making not only games fully playable with it, but also many games have been completed on it!
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Re: SCI Resources
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This website has content that is not like the others have vast knowledge.

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