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SCI Version 0 View Resource Specs
« on: May 23, 2013, 09:47:04 PM »
By Brian Provinciano
January 26th, 1999
Updated May 22nd, 1999

View Header
0x0 - 0x10x8000Resource ID number
0x2 - 0x3variesTotal number of loops in the view
0x4 - 0x5variesLoop mirroring data
0x6 - 0x9??Function unknown if any
0xA - variesvariesThe location of each loop in words. Each word is read as (word - 2)
Loop Header
0x0 - 0x1variesTotal number of cels in the loop
0x2 - 0x3??Function unknown if any
0x4 - variesvariesThe location of each cel in words. Each word is read as (word - 2)
Cel Header      
0x0 - 0x1variesThe width of the cel
0x2 - 0x3variesThe height of the cel
0x4 - 0x5??Function unknown if any
0x6 - 0x7variesThe Transparent colour. The 4 high order being 0x2 and the low 4 bits being the colour 0x0 - 0xF
0x8 - variesvariesThe bitmap data. Explained below
The Bitmap Data
Each byte in the bitmap data draws a horizontal line. The byte specifies how many pixels long it will be and what colour will be drawn. The first four bits represent the length in pixels the line will be. The second four bits represent the colour that each line will be.
For example, the byte F9 draws F horizontal pixels (F = 15) the colour of 9 (9 = Light Blue).
There is no need to specify when to start a new line in the bitmap data like in AGI, because it automaticly starts a new one according to the width specified in the cel header.

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