LockerGnome Quest Redux SCI

* Source Code Included

October 22, 2012by gumby

Total Downloads: 1326

Game Description This is a modification of Brian Provinciano's original demo game 'LockerGnome Quest', which can be found and downloaded from the fan games pages.

So what's different?

Primarily, this demo has been modified to support external sound playback (sound playback not utilizing the SCI sound drivers), showcasing the capabilities of the 'sciAudio' add-on, now available for SCI developers to use in their own games.

New audio features:
- Rich music soundtrack
- Sound effects for in-game actions
- This demo has the distinction of being the first full SCI0 'talkie'! All lines have been narrated, enriching gameplay.

Other features:
- Right-click 'looking': Using the right mouse button, everything on screen can be looked at
- Improved parsing: Over three times the original number of valid inputs for the user to use
- Full source code: See how sciAudio is 'wired' into the game!

For installation & playing, please be sure to read the included readme.txt file.


Cloudee1's Rating

While the original was never bad, the addition of the mp3 playback as well as the narration are spectacular. Good work on this Gumby, it really is exciting to see something new that is actually that cool.