Jim’s Quest 1: The Phantom Thesis SCI

February 20, 2007by Jim Carleton

Total Downloads: 1273

Game Description Help Jim find a new hard drive so he can write his thesis, and meet his friends Shane, Steve, and Matt along the way!


Doan Sephim's Rating

A small-to-middle-length game that's also in the middle of the spectrum of boring to fun. Mostly playable with fun dialog and some of the best death scenes in any fan-made game.

One big problem is the frustration level. This game FORCES you to do every tedious thing. Don't forget to close any doors for crying out loud! Also, the way you find the car keys is the epitome of PULLING OUT MY HAIR IN FRUSTRATION - look, I even slid into all caps just thinking about it. I almost stopped playing right there knowing that the game would do that to me again.