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SCI Disassembler

Official Site:
Last Updated: May 05, 2002
Version: 1.10
Size: 256 Kb

From the readme.txt file included
SCI Disassembler allows you to disassemble scripts from games using Sierra's SCI game engine.

In order to be able to disassemble the scripts, you will need to
extract them from their packages. The packages are called resource.000-resource.063. To extract resources from an EGA SCI game, you can either use SCI Studio or SCI Decoder EGA. To extract scripts from VGA SCI games, you will need to use SCI Decoder VGA. These programs can be obtained from

You will need to extract all the script files (SCRIPT.000-SCRIPT.999), text files (TEXT.000-TEXT.999), VOCAB.000 (for EGA games), VOCAB.996, VOCAB.997 and VOCAB.999. SCI Studio v2.0.5 and up include a feature to extract them all for you.

Once you have the files, select the directory which contains them. You may optionally select an output directory, otherwise, the same directory is used for input and output.

Make sure to select the correct version for your scripts. When running your game, press "left SHIFT"+"right SHIFT"+"numpad -" at the same time. It will tell you what SCI version the game is.

When ready, press the "Start Disassembly" button.

It will output the disassembled scripts as 000.SCA-999.SCA. It also converts vocab files into a readable form as VOCABxxx.TXT. The text files are not actually used by the disassembler, but you will need them as a reference when reading some parts of the scripts.

Have fun!