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Hoyle Official Book of Games : Volume 2 Solitaire


Hoyle is a name best known for the various books that compiled the rules for numerous card, dice, board, and token-style games, also known as "Classic Games." Hoyle Volume 2 covers a wide range of Solitaire-style games, many of which few will have ever heard of, let alone played.

For beginners who may have never heard of any of these games, there are complete rules provided within the main game.

Hoyle Volume 2 includes:
Calculation, Strategy, Eagle Wing, Beleaguered Castle, Klondike, Canfield, Golf, Flower Garden, Scorpion, Spiderette, La Belle Lucie, Fortress, Baker's Dozen, Bristol, Eight Off, Shamrocks, Yukon, Eliminator, Slide, Bowling, Nestor, Aces Up, Gaps, Penguin, Pyramid, Triplets, Poker Square, Cribbage Square

All these games are single-player games. On the main menu, the player can choose between a Easy and Hard versions of any of the games, which determines the likelihood of having the right cards in the right order to win.

Because all of these games are played by only one person, the player should turn the in-game animation speed up to the maximum so that the cards are dealt out faster.

The mouse is all someone needs to be able to play the game; no keyboard commands are needed.

Hoyle Volume 2 is all about learning how to play a variety of Solitaire-style games, and being able to play them at any time without having to break out a deck of cards, shuffle, and hopefully remember the rules correctly.

By Warren Schwader

Released in 1990