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King's Quest VII : The Princeless Bride


King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride is an adventure game released in 1994 by Sierra On-Line. It features high-resolution graphics in a style reminiscent of Disney animated films. It is also the only King's Quest (KQ) game with multiple protagonists, and the only one to divide the story into chapters.

In King's Quest VII, the protagonists Queen Valanice and Princess Rosella are spirited away to the desert land of Eldritch and Rosella is transformed into a troll. They must find a way to return Rosella to normal and find her true love, save Eldritch from the threat of the evil sorceress Malicia, and get back to their kingdom Daventry.

Although less linear in terms of ending than earlier entries in the series, King's Quest VII does not include as many different endings or optional tasks and plot threads as King's Quest VI. Some puzzles do have multiple solutions, and there are two possible endings.

By Roberta Williams

Released in 1994