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Manhunter 2 : San Francisco


Here I am on an alien ship that I can barely fly!

It was just a few days ago that I was forced to become a Manhunter for the Orbs in New York City. Soon, a trail of blood led me to a ruthless killer!

I am now chasing him West as we descend into a new day.

He has killed too many. I cannot let him get away.

New York has been cut off from the rest of the world. What will I find when we land? Did the Orbs take over the whole world?

Life has been miserable in New York since the invasion. All humans were required to wear brown robes and keep our faces hidden as much as possible. We were also not allowed to talk to each other. The penalty for breaking any of these rules was death. But that is over now, at least for New York.

The Orbs cannot harm us. It is the robots that carry out the Orbs' deadly bidding. These deadly machines are effective, many humans have met their end because of them.

I wonder if the tracking disks can track me clear out here. The tracking disks were surgically implanted in the backs of our necks. But the Orbs have had problems with them. Apparently the disks can only transmit the location, but not the identity of the user. Thus, the need for Manhunters.

A select number of humans were chosen by the Orbs to become Manhunters. I have no idea how the selection was made, or how I was chosen, but I sure gave them hell the last few days.

We are getting close to the ground now, I had better concentrate on flying this bucket.

By Dave & Barry Murry

Released in 1989