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Space Quest 2 : Vohaul’s Revenge

Walk Through

Xenon Orbital Station 4

The game begins with Roger Wilco (you) outside the Orbital Station 4 doing what you do best. After hearing a beep signal look at your wristwatch and press the button "C". You'll get a not so pleasant message from your boss. Enter the airlock chamber through the ceiling. After being decontaminated, change your suit, open the locker and retrieve all your possessions. Enter the transportation control room. When your boss has finished spitting all over you get into the transport tube by the lift in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Zoooom. You find yourself in the space shuttle room. Get yourself nabbed and kidnapped in the space shuttle.

The Planet Labion

When you have finished your pleasant conversation with Sludge Vohaul, you end up crash landing in a jungle on the Planet Labion. Turn off the homing device in the crashed Hovercraft. Search and obtain the keycard from the body of the guard that you landed on. Now go north. Having difficulty? Be careful not to fall into the trap in the ground and go to the top right-hand corner of the screen and then walk west behind the tree. Now go forward. (You can do nothing with the large mushrooms to the east of where you crashed, except being eaten.) As you enter the screen to the north you hear a noise coming from the east (the TWANG!). So go east, untie the little pink alien and return to where you came from. When you get a warning of a Hovercraft approaching, hide behind the large tree trunk in front of you. To do that, go behind it so that you yourself cannot see your character Roger Wilco (you). Once he has gone you're safe, he won't return here again. Go west of the little tree and get yourself a nice spore. Do be careful and don't kick a spore. If you did, don't worry you'll be back on your feet in no time. You may have noticed something on top of the plateau - we'll get back to that. Now go to the top left-hand corner into another screen.

You notice one of those pink aliens picking berries. Make your way through the root monster maze, pick some berries and return to those large tree trunks. Now go up the hill and then west to the machine/mailbox. Mail your order form and obtain your Labion Terror Beast Mating Whistle. Go east twice. You'll come to the edge of a swamp. Another pink alien!? Do what this pink alien is doing and rub those berries you collected on your body. Now enter the swamp and go east. After being spat out, with luck you'll find a deep part of the swamp. (If you didn't, its more or less in the middle of the north end of the screen.) Take a deep breath and dive below. Follow the tunnel to the west until you find the underground cavern. Obtain the glowing gem from the rock and return to the surface of the swamp. Don't forget to take a deep breath when returning. Go east. Climb the dead tree by the fissure and cross over and go east.

When you wake up in the cage, attract the hunter's attention by talking to him. When he approaches you throw the spore at him. Now search and obtain the key from the hunter. Unlock the cage door. Open the cage door. Take the rope on the rock near the cage and go north into the next screen. Don't waste your time looking at the platform miles away and go west twice until you reach the fissure again. Climb onto the dead tree or log and when you are more or less in the middle tie the rope to the dead tree/log. Climb down the rope. Go to the bottom of the rope and start swinging. When the time is right jump to the safe ledge. Enter the cave. Can't see? Then use the glowing gem to see your way around. After your unexpected tumble retrieve the glowing gem that you could not help dropping while tumbling. Follow those pink aliens. When you have finished having tea with the leader of the pink aliens, go to the rock and "say the word". Enter the tunnel.

Far to dark hey. Put the gem in your mouth so that you can navigate the tunnel maze with a little ease. This part is rather difficult in some ways, but keep trying until you get it right. As you enter you are on a ladder. Climb down to the bottom of the ladder and go east into the next screen. You find yourself at the top of the screen. Go east, down the ladder and east into the next screen. Come down the ladder into another screen. Go east, come down to the bottom of the ladder and go west into the next screen. Go west to the second ladder and come down the ladder into the next screen. Now when you come down this ladder, more or less in the middle of the ladder go east and keep going east until you come out of the tunnel maze in a cavern of waterfalls. Go east. Now when you have to decide which tunnel to take, take the one on the right and get sucked down by the whirlpool. After your incredible journey through the incredible whirlpool you end up in an incredible pool with some rather incredibly square rocks. Go east into the next screen, but stay in the water. Now you get to use your Labion Terror Beast Mating Whistle. Blow Your Labion Terror Beast Mating Whistle. When the Terror Beast is in view, throw the cubix rube puzzle at him. That should keep him amused while you slip through the rock tunnel he made, but as you go through the rock pick up a large stone or small rock.

Ahhh! The platform you saw that was so far away is now standing right in front of you. What luck! Damn that guard, we'll just have to get rid of him. Use the supporter (if you are not wearing it) and the little rock you picked up and sling it at the guard. Good shot! Go to the elevator door on the right pillar of the platform and insert the keycard you `borrowed' from the dead guard when you crashed. Enter the shuttle at the rear left. Once in the shuttle push the power button, turn the attitude dial and push the ascent thruster button. Pull on the throttle. After lifting off the platform and reaching the minimum height, turn the attitude dial and push on the throttle again.


When you are inside Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress go east into the lift. Go to level 3, east twice, push the button and obtain the plunger. You may return the way you came or you carry on going east until you reach another lift. Now go to level 4. Which ever way you came up go in the only possible direction, either east or west. Obtain the glass cutter in the closet and the toilet paper in the bathroom. Return to the lift on the west side and go to level 5. Go east twice and obtain the lighter from the overalls and the waste paper basket. Now return to the lift on the west side, the way you came in and go to level 1 (If you are the quizzy type and want to go east of the closet you will find a spiny beast begin to chase you. If you let it kiss you, death will result later on in the game.) Return to the shuttle pad and come down into another hallway. Try go in each direction. Go to the left wall and wait until you're just about to fall in the acid, then put/attach the plunger to the wall and hang-on. When the trapdoor closes again, let go of the plunger and walk a little to the east under a sprinkler (the thing that puts fires out). Put the toilet paper in the basket and drop the basket on the floor. Now light the toilet paper with the lighter and enjoy a nice shower. When you are finished showering, go east twice.

Enter Sludge Vohual's secret chamber. Climb the steps to meet Sludge Vohual and at the same time get shrunk into a midget. Cut your way through the glass jar with the glass cutter and climb into the vent left of the jar. Go behind the pump and switch Vohual's life support system off by pushing the button. Done that climb out and go west to the keyboard. Pull the switch down to turn the computer on and "type enlarge". Now return to the glass jar and go under the beam. Once you are back to normal, search Vohual and remember the letters SHSR. Now have a look at the screen that is flashing Abort the clone launch by typing in the letters SHSR. Well done! But it's not quite over yet.

Go up the steps leading to the east. Obtain the oxygen mask from the box as you come through the door, put it on and follow the clear tube until you exit into yet another hallway. Go west three times until you see the escape pods and the two-legged robot. Push the button closest to you seeing its the only one that works (be quick about it). Return to the hallway. The robot will start following you. Keep going east until you go through a circular door. You will outdistance the robot who will return to the escape pods. You may either keep going in an easterly direction until you reach the escape pods or return through the circular door you just came through and go west to the escape pods again. Enter the escape pod. (If you can't make one way try the other way). Once in the escape pod you are safe from the robot. Push the launch button.

While floating in space, have a look around. Because your oxygen is running low the only thing left to do is climb into the sleep chamber. So do just that - open the sleep chamber and climb in. Simple hey!!