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Conquests of Camelot : The Search for the Grail

Walk Through

Get clothes and take purse. Exit room. Walk northeast, to the garden. Ask Gwen about Launcelot. Look at garden, look at rose, take rose, kiss Gwen and leave garden.

Walk southeast to the Treasury. Pass the Treasury and continue on to Merlin's room. Enter Merlin's room and look around. Look at rug. Walk to scroll on pedestal and read scroll. Look at chest, walk to chest and open chest. Ask about lodestone, take lodestone. Walk over to the giant map of Britain on the wall, look at map. Note the locations of the Glastonbury Tor, Ot Moor, and Southampton. Talk to Merlin, ask about Gawaine, ask about Galahad, ask about Launcelot ask about herbs. Look at symbols. Exit room.

Walk south to the Treasury. Ask about money, give purse to treasurer. Get gold, get silver, get copper, get purse. Ask about bundles. Ask about Gawaine. Type ham and jam and spam a lot for an Easter Egg. Exit treasury. Walk over to the westernmost tower, the chapel. Walk to the altar with the cross and kneel. Use Control-O to offer 1 gold (right click once on gold to give one gold). Walk to other altar and kneel, offer a gold piece. Stand and exit chapel. Walk to outer courtyard. Walk to the guard at the lower left-hand side and ask about Galahad. Look at horse, look at mule, look in pack. Walk to your horse and mount horse. Exit through the castle gates. Select Glastonbury Tor on the map.

Map of Britanna Australis

Ride close to the shrine and give the troll a copper. Exit to left. Talk to man, ask about pelts, buy pelts, ask about spear, buy spear. Exit to left. SAVE.

You need to kill three boars to pass. Use spacebar just before they get to your horse, restore until you kill all three. Continue left. Talk to crow, say yes to challenge. Look at mushrooms. Look at skeleton, take silk. Exit right. SAVE. Joust with knight. Use arrow keys to move lance. Spot with skull is his vulnerable spot. Beat knight (use restore if necessary). Exit right.

Ride to tree with Gawaine and break chains with sword. Talk to Gawaine. Put Gawaine on horse. Exit right. Give silk to hag. Read pedestal. Exit the stone circle through the gate to the northwest. Walk to mule. Walk to one of the stones and talk to stone, repeat with other 4 stones and answer 5 riddles. Click for riddle answers. Walk to mule and be transported.

Walk south. Look at tree, look at well, talk to monk. Ask monk about grail. Follow monk to left. Draw Excalibur and prepare to fight. You can tell which monk is real because he shouts before attacking and when hit. Use the spacebar to attack. Walk south twice. Offer five silver pieces. Take key and walk north. Unlock well, open well, search well, close well. Head south twice to map. Go to Ot Moor.

Walk right, north, SAVE. Use heart and walk across to north. When heart turns purple you're about to break the ice, go back and find a new path. After several screens you end up at the Ice Palace. Enter the palace. Talk to woman. Give heart to woman. Free Launcelot. Ask about test. Begin test. Click on flowers to see which type they are, hit enter to select a flower. Here are the riddles:

"In times of grief it gives relief...": CONSOLATION
"When light is dim and courage fails...": HOPE
"Oh, it is splendid...": HAUGHTINESS
"For its sweet sake...": TRUE LOVE
"If a dream is abandoned...": WITHERED HOPES
"Surrounded by giants...": MEMORIES OF CHILDHOOD
"Wise are those who seek it...": TRUTH
"It alleviates all pain and sorrow...": DEATH
"Known to the priest...": CELIBACY
"It can be sweet on the tongue...": FALSEHOOD

Walk west twice to return to map. Select Southampton.

Talk to man. Ask about Galahad. Ask about prices. Buy passage to Gaza for 3 gold.

Follow boy. Eat figs and drink. Ask about Galahad, ask about grail. Ask about goddess. Ask about each goddess: Athena, Vesta, Isis, Astarte, Ceres, Venus. Copy the symbols he draws. Thank him, stand and exit. Hire man.

Follow Jabir to the oasis. Look at water, look at plants, look at skeleton. Ask about skeleton. Draw sword. Walk right, north. Go right down the stairs. Drink water. Climb back up steps and go north. If you see Jabir, attack him. Continue north to guards. Talk to man. Offer 5 copper bribe. Exit to the west, go north, then west. When man tries to extort money from you, draw your sword. Enter gate.

A thief steals your purse. Talk to shopkeeper. Sell mule. Here is map of bazaar:

1 3 5 7
2 4 6 8

1. Mohammed and his weapon shop. You start here.
2. Ibrahim, a textile merchant, and Sarah, the falafel seller.
3. Farabi, a pot merchant, Hayyam, a fish merchant, and a grain merchant.
4. Tariq, a lamp merchant, and Tamra, an apple seller.
5. Achmed, proprietor of the Star of Allah Inn.
6. Ismail, a dealer in antiques, and Fawaz, a surly butcher.
7. A beggar.
8. A large, elaborate, locked door.

NOTE: The even numbers will seem upside down... must travel left to go right on map above because of your view.

Go to screen 2, purchase a felafel for 1 copper and give to the boy standing there. Go to the beggar on screen 7 and give him a copper. Visit Tamra on screen 4, and talk to woman, ask about apples. Buy a 1 gold apple.

Talk to Ibrahim on screen 2 and talk to man. Go to screen 1 and yell. Ask woman about veil. Walk right to screen 3 and talk to man. Buy mirror for 2 silver. Return to Mari, yell again and give mirror to Mari, throw mirror. Return to Ibrahim on screen 2 and give veil to Ibrahim.

Talk to the lamp merchant on screen 4. Ask about oath. Go to the inn on screen 5 and knock on door. Go to screen 6 and ask the antique dealer about relics. You can enter in any name for the Saint. Buy relic for 1 gold. Return to Tariq on screen 4 and give relic to him. Return to inn on screen 5 and give broom to Achmed.

Talk to beggar on screen 7. Visit Tariq on screen 4 and ask about charcoal, buy charcoal for 2 coppers. Return to beggar on screen 7 and give him charcoal.

Go to fish stand on screen 3 and talk to Hayyam. Return to lamp shop on screen 4 and buy herbs for 1 silver. Return to fish seller on screen 3 and give herbs to Hayyam.

Go to felafel stand on screen 2 and talk to woman. Go to butcher on screen 6 and buy lamb for 6 coppers. Return to Sarah on screen 2 and give her lamb.

Go to screen 1, there should now be a girl with birds. Go to grain seller on either screen 3 or 5 and buy grain for 3 coppers. Return to screen 1 and put grain in cage.

Return to the apple seller on screen 4 and talk to woman. Go to screen 8, to the locked door and knock.

Look at Fatima. Talk to Fatima, respond with No to both of her offers. Ask about goddess, ask about six guardians, ask about grail. Ask her about Galahad. Ask about test. Give purse to Fatima. SAVE. Enter door to right. Using the goddess symbols you were shown earlier and your manual, place the goddess tiles in the correct spot. After you pass, Ask Fatima about Hiefophant. Exit house.

Return to the beggar and talk to him. Tell him to open catacombs.

In each room, use lodestone to see which way is north. Using that, follow these directions:

Walk east, east. Walk near mummy, but not too close and take medallion with sword, look at medallion. Exit north. You'll be bitten by a rat. Give elixir to Galahad. Exit south, west, west, north, east. Walk up to sarcophagus, walk closer and look in coffin, take golden apple. Exit north, west. Give golden apple to statue. SAVE. Take another test. To exit catacombs: exit top, top, left, right, left, left, and left.

Eat apple. Walk on the roof (total 4 screens) to find Saracen. Take helmet and fight him. Walk to southwest screen with the stairs and use dove. Walk right and push the 2nd to last column. Follow the thief and take grail.