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Conquests of the Longbow : The Legend of Robin Hood

Walk Through


You start each day off in your cave. Get your horn off the wall and your money out of the small box. Go outside, where your men will talk to you. Follow Will up north to your shooting glade. Give Simon a small bit of money and practice shooting if you’d like. From your camp, go left 3 times to the Outlook. Note that you can use the map to reach here immediately now. After Little John talks to you, wait for the peasant woman to arrive at Watling Road. Go down and shoot the sheriff’s man to save her. When she is about to leave, give her a bit of money as well. Visit the Widow and her three sons to end the day.


A cobbler named Lobb will want to speak with you. You’ll need a lady’s slipper to prove your identity though. Wander around in the forest and you’ll come across Marian being attack by a monk. Kill the monk and get the slipper.


Go to the Overlook and wait for a beggar to appear. Go talk to him and offer him money for his clothes. After you’re disguised, head to town to the cobbler’s. Give Lobb the slipper and get the silver comb in return. Leave town and talk to your men.


Go to the Outlook again. When the poacher appears, kill the guard that is holding him captive. Give the poacher some money to send him on his way. Go find to Marian at the willow grove and give her the silver comb from Lobb, and show her your emerald. She’ll ask you to find her druid hand scroll for her.


Go to the Widow’s house and talk to her and Tuck. You’ll find out that her three sons have been captured and you’ll have to rescue them. Go to the Outlook. Note that you can switch days 5 and 6, depending on which monk you stop. I usually stop the black robed monk first. You’ll have to kill him in a staff fight to get his possesions. Once you do, dress up in his robe and go to the Fen monastery. Blow the flute by the river to call the monk to take you across the river. Don’t speak, touch or walk while you’re on the boat though. Give the monk at the gate your flute and pouch of gemstones. You’ll have to pass three riddles to gain entrance.

Answer the riddles by choosing the three correct stones.

1. Agate.
2. Turquoise.
3. Sapphire.
4. Carnelian.
5. Lapis Lazuli.
6. Amber.
7. Jet.
8. Opal.
9. Quartz.

Q: My trees are… A: Agate, Carnelian, Quartz
Q: I am old and my… A: Amber, Opal, Quartz
Q: Sadness weighs… A: Agate, Carnelian, Opal
Q: The drought… A: Agate, Jet, Lapis Lazuli
Q: I must go to… A: Lapis, Quartz, Sapphire
Q: I must ride upon… A: Jet, Sapphire, Turquoise
Q: I have three… A: Agate, Lapis, Sapphire
Q: Demons dance… A: Carnelian, Jet, Opal
Q: I would comfort… A: Carnelian, Jet, Opal
Q: I will seek out… A: Agate, Jet, Lapis Lazuli
Q: Alas, a sadness… A: Agate, Amber, Turquoise
Q: In summer, my… A: Jet, Lapis, Sapphire

Once inside, go to the middle of the monastery to talk to the Prior. Once he leaves, head to the NW room, where Fulk is held. Release him as soon as the Prior leaves. Go to the SE room. Offer to get the Prior more wine and spill it over him. Get Fulk’s scroll from the desk, and Marian’s scroll from the wall. Return to Fulk and give him his scroll. Follow him to the secret room. Give him a bit of money and get on the boat. Click on the gargoyles faces that look “thoughtful”, “lean and hungry”, and “foolish” to escape. Fulk will give you the Water Ring before he departs.


Go to the Outlook and take the robe from the brown-robed monk. Enter the town and the castle wearing the robe. Bribe the guards with a penny to see the three boys in prison. Then enter the Abbey. Go to the laundry room and get the 3 robes. Go north and explore the hedge maze and the court, you’ll need to get through it later. Go the SW room where the Abbot is playing with a puzzle. He’ll ask you to get him some ale, so take the cask and head to the pub. Give the cask to the bartender. Then play Nines Men Morris with Harry and bet some money. Win the game and get a piece of amethyst. Go through the gate and then open the 2nd barrel. Follow the hidden passage right until you enter the Abbey. Drink with the Abbot, but put your amethyst into your mug first. Keep talking to the Abbot until he passes out. Steal his money pouch. Take the cask, and go to the abbot’s room. Find the puzzle box under the third pillow, and then replace the pillow. Go back to the pub, pay the abbot’s tab, and give the bartender another cask. Watch the cask being lowered from the ceiling, and go through the secret passage. Go north and watch the guards leave. Put 3 pennies and 1 farthing on the table and quickly leave. When they see the money and leave, open the door to the boys. Use the belts to make a robe and go back to the pub. Bless the sheriff as you leave and go to the Widow’s house. She’ll give you a golden net.


Go to the willow grove and Marian will be there. Give her the hand scroll, and she’ll show you the ancient druid hand code.

Then show Marian the emerald and she’ll give you something in return. ;) Now go to the Green Man area and walk south. Wait for a pixie and catch it with the net. It’ll take you to the Green Man and awaken him. Answer the riddles to turn back to a man. Answers include Comb, Fur, Snow, Cheese, Wood, Feather, Beehive, Coin and Eye.


Go to the Outlook and meet the yeoman. Offer him money for his clothes, and go to the fair in town. Give a farthing each to the 2 beggars around the fair, buy scented oil and a scarf for Marian and pay to have your fortune told. Find the scholar and identify the Coat of Arms.

Give him Marian’s hand scroll and he’ll give you some money. Go pay the entrance fee for the shooting contest, and win. (Don’t set arcade to the lowest level or you won’t gain points for winning). Go back to your camp.


Wander in the woods until several of the sheriff’s men start to chase you. Run to a Druid grove, look at a tree, and spell the druid name for the tree in the hand code. Wait until the men leave. Go to the Outlook and look for a well-dressed man in blue. Go talk to him. He’s a jeweler headed to meet with the Sheriff. Buy his clothes by clicking the hand icon on him twice. Use his gem rouge on yourself to dye your beard. Head into town and enter the castle. Talk to the Sheriff and his wife and show them the jewels from the jeweler. Keep talking until you convince the Sheriff to enter the woods with you. Marian will come to supper later that night and tell you about the Queen’s Knight.


Marian has been captured and is to be tried as a witch this day. You’ll need the ring of fire to save her life. It’s in the puzzle box from the Abbey. Read Fulk’s scroll, and write down the first letter of the names of everyone that spoke. Then use the letters to open the puzzle box. Put on the ring. Use your horn to call all your men and listen to their plans. Choose Little John’s to keep all your outlaws alive. Go into town, and enter the pub. Convince the bartender to let you in the secret tunnels to save Marian. Use them to go into the Abbey and the hedge maze. Work your way through it quickly to save Marian. Take her to the willow grove and use the emerald on her to save her life. Remember the password she gives you.


Call all your men at your camp again. Listen to their plans and use Friar Tuck’s. You’ll capture the treasure this way.


The Sheriff’s men are tromping through the forest again. Change into a tree to elude them. After you do, go to the Outlook. Your men will be waiting there with the Queen’s Knight. Use the hand code to give him the password twice. As he is not the real Queen’s Knight, shoot him. Call Little John. Search the body for the letter, and show it to Little John.


Go to the Monastery. Wear the Water Ring to call the will’o’wisps. They’ll show you a boat, so follow them through the mists. When you get to a tower wall, use the hand code and the druid word for Ivy (GORT) to climb it. Enter the tower window quickly and give the real knight the letter. Spell the password with the hand code and escape with him out the tower.

If you’ve done all this, you should get the best ending in the game, which includes full pardons for you and all your men and the hand of Lady Marian.