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Space Quest 4 : Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

Walk Through

Patrolling the streets of Xenon are a robot and a cyborg that want to kill you. Before the robot appears, the music will change abruptly, so if it does, either hide somewhere that it can't see you or leave the screen. Just simply walk away from the cyborg to avoid it.

Anyways, take a right and grab the piece of rope lying on the garbage. Afterwards, go two screens to the left, where you will see a car. Open the glove compartment of the car and take the Pocket Pal laptop device you see lying there. Then head towards the pillars on the northern side of the screen. Go behind them and use the rope from your inventory. When the Energizer Bunny crosses the rope, use the hand icon to click on the rope to capture it. In your inventory, take out the battery in the bunny and place it in the Pocket Pal.

Afterwards, head north until you find a tank. Examine it, and you will see the unstable ordinance. Take it out and then put it back in. Head two screens to the right. If you see a small panel on the ground that looks like grating, then you know you're in the right place. If not, head a screen north or south until you find it. Once you do find it, go inside it to enter the sewers.

Roger will end up in a small room. Take the jar that is sitting on the desk, and then click on the corner of the ink blotter to push a button. Watch / listen to the hologram recording, and when its done, head over the left side of the screen and enter the sewer passageway. Head left until you see a three way tunnel with a grating in the top. When you start to head down, some green slime will appear from the grating and start to follow you. Let the slime follow you until you reach the bottom, and quickly dodge to the left or the right. Then, before the slime climbs back up, use the jar to scoop some up. Head left and then up until you see a ladder leading to a manhole. Climb up the ladder and you will see a Sequel Police ship appear and let out some of the officers. Get out of the manhole.

Quickly dash to the right and you will see some of the Sequel Police officers guarding the ship. As quickly as you can, climb into the landing gear. The ship will take off and head for their base. Once the ship lands, Roger will climb out. Head left.

Roger will be at the edge of the screen. A Sequel Police officer will be standing there, with a Time Ripper nearby. Then another Time Ripper appears and another officer will get out and talk to the first officer. However, he leaves the Time Ripper open. While they are talking, quickly run over to the Time Ripper and climb inside.

Once you are in, don't get out, or you'll get shot. On the Time Ripper's viewing device, there will be a code. Copy this code down, since it'll come in handy later. Now, there will be a keypad with strange symbols on it. Now, here you have to guess the code. The code will ALWAYS be either:

1) The first symbol six times
2) The last symbol six times
3) The first six symbols
4) The last six symbols backwards
5) The current code backwards

(If I missed a possibility, please tell me)

Anyways, once you enter the correct code in, you will end up in Space Quest X. A wrong code will either take you nowhere, Space Quest III, or Space Quest I.

Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon

If you somehow managed to end up here, DON'T GET OUT. This is the volcanic planet of Ortega, and since Roger is not wearing the proper gear, he will melt if he climbs out of the Time Ripper. Instead, head back to Space Quest XII or X.

Space Quest X: The Latex Babes of Estros

Once you end up here, climb out of the Time Ripper and head
one screen to the left. Near some rocks, a shadow will pass
over Roger. Once it does, head back one screen to the right
and then head one screen down. Be quick, because if you are
too slow, another Time Ripper with two Sequel Police
officers will appear and you will have to flee back to the
Time Ripper, head back to Space Quest XII, and start all
over again. Once you make it to the last screen, a giant
bird will swoop down and capture Roger.

The bird will drop Roger in its nest. Wait awhile until the
bird drops a dead Sequel Police officer into the nest.
Examine the corpse to find a piece of paper with a Time
Ripper code on it. However, a piece of gum covers the first
three symbols. Now head towards the southern part of the
nest, squeeze through the hole, and fall down.

Roger will land in some water, and he will automatically
swim back to land. However, the moment he does, several
women in swimsuits appear, aiming weapons at him. The blonde
one, Zondra, appears to be angry at Roger about something,
so the women tell him to get into their ship. Climb into the
women's ship.

Roger will get carted off to their fortress, where the women
will hook him up to a torture device. They push a button on
the torture device, which vaporizes Roger's shoes and the
leggings of his pants. However, at that moment, a sea
monster will appear, and the terrified women flee, leaving
Roger behind.

The sea monster will use its tentacles to remove Roger's
bonds and then wrap themselves around him. The MOMENT they
do, push the button on the torture device. The sea monster
will recoil, allowing Roger to get free. Grab one of the
oxygen tanks, and then you will get grabbed by the sea
monster again. Toss the oxygen container into his mouth. It
will explode, killing it. The women will run back to Roger
and hug him, calling him a hero. Zondra will apologize to
Roger, and Roger, not knowing what she was mad at him for,
will accept her apology.

Meanwhile, back in Space Quest XII, some Sequel Police will
bring the young man who saved Roger, who appears to be
unconscious, to Vohaul. They had apparently captured him in
Space Quest IV right after Roger escaped. Vohaul will
comment that Roger Wilco will come to them soon enough,
since they now have his "son" (!).

Back in Space Quest X, the women and Roger decide to go to
the Galaxy Galleria shopping mall. The women run off,
leaving Roger behind. Zondra also unknowingly drops her
credit card. Pick up the credit card.

Now take the right conveyor until you reach a store called
Big and Tall. Enter it and talk to the clerk to get some
clothes. Change into them, and then pay the clerk and leave.

Now head arond the conveyor belts until you see a huge
crowd at the software store. When you inquire as to what is
going on, you will find out that the Two Guys from Andromeda
are inside, promoting their latest games. Unfortunately, you
can't get through.

So instead, head towards the Monolith Burger and talk to the
manager, who offers you a job. Select "Yes" and play the
arcade game. Play until you have at least 70 Buckazoids,
and then get yourself fired. When you do get fired, the
manager will literally kick you out and then throw his
cigarette at you in disgust. Ride the conveyor belt back to
the entrance and pick up the cigarette. Now that you have
money, what should you do with it? Spend it!

Therefore, ride the conveyor belt to a store called Sacks.
Go inside, and talk to the clerk to receive some women's
clothing. Change into them, pay the clerk, and then leave
the store. Ride the conveyor belt two screens to the right.
Use the credit card you picked up on the ATM machine, and
then select the option "Clean it out" to receive 2001
Buckazoids. Head back to Sacks and change back into your
normal clothing.

Now head back to the software store you passed earlier and
head inside. The crowd is long gone, and the clerk inside
tells you that all of the good games and hintbooks are all
sold out, but that there are still a few left in the bargain
bin. Examine the hintbooks in the bargain bin until you find
one labeled "SQIV." Select "Keep it." Head over to the clerk
and pay her 5 Buckazoids.

Open the Hintbook and turn to page 4. Answer the questions
until you get to one where only three Time Ripper symbols
appear. Write these down. Now open the piece of paper with
the gum on it that you carried all the way here and write
down the three symbols on it. Voila, a complete Time Ripper
code! But now you need a Time Ripper to use it on...

Head over to the Arcade and go up to the right side of the
screen. A Time Ripper appears on the lower left side of the
screen, and two Sequel Police officers get out. Quickly exit
the Arcade through the right entrance. Ride the conveyor
belt until you reach the entrance of the Galaxy Galleria,
where the two Sequel Police officers are waiting. Quickly,
run towards the top left conveyor belt and quickly run away.

NB: While in the Arcade, you can play Ms. Astro Chicken on
the Arcade machine if you want. It costs 1 Buckazoid to
play, but you get nothing for playing it.

Ride the belt, dodging the Sequel Police, until you reach
a set of stairs near Sacks leading to the Skate O'Rama. Run
into the Skate O'Rama and wait until a Sequel Police officer
tries to shoot you. Then jump into the Skate O'Rama and
climb UP (yes, this actually happens). Hang around up there
until an officer shows up and tries to shoot you. If you
keep Roger moving, the blasts should miss him.

Once the Sequel Police are up there, hurriedly exit the
Skate O'Rama before they catch up with you and head for the
Arcade. Once inside the Arcade, enter the Time Ripper. Copy
down the code that is currently on it, and then enter the
code you deduced just now.

Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter

Exit the Time Ripper and head one screen down to reach a
pub. Enter the pub, and approach the Monochrome Boys. They
are appalled by Roger's colors and promptly kick him out of
the bar. So now what?

Near the pub are some bikes, which obviously belong to the
Monochrome Boys. Knock the bikes over, and when the Boys
come out, they will get mad, upright their bikes, and ride
around, looking for Roger. Once they leave, head back to the
pub and get the book of matches lying on the counter. Leave
the pub and head back to the Time Ripper.

While you are doing this, you may be found by a Monochrome
Boy, who will try to run you over. If this happens, dodge at
the last second. Also, if you come here before going to
Space Quest X, the Sequel Police might come chasing you.

Anyways, you are now inside the Time Ripper. Remember the
code that you wrote down at the VERY beginning of the game?
Enter that code to head back to Space Quest XII.

Space Quest XII: Vohaul's Revenge II

Well, you are now back in Space Quest XII! Head two screens
to the right of where you started and use the jar of slime
you collected to melt the lock on the door. Go inside, and
stop immediately. Use the matches on the cigarette you got
earlier to cause smoke to fill the hallway. The smoke will
reveal a group of laser barriers. Now focus your attention to
the keypad on the right. On the keypad, enter numbers to
make the laser barriers turn perfectly straight up so that
Roger can walk through them.

Head through the barriers until you reach another room with
a terminal nearby. Examine the terminal and you will see a
plug outlet. Memorize the shape (or draw it down somewhere),
and then hightail it out of here and back to the Time
Ripper. Enter the code you wrote down in Space Quest X right
before you left it, and head back to the Galaxy Galleria in
Space Quest X.

Space Quest X: The Latex Babes of Estros

Once here, head out of the Arcade and head towards a store
called Radio Shock (Hz. So Good in later versions). Inside,
you will have the opportunity to purchase hardware. Look
around until you are able to purchase accessories for the
Pocket Pal. Look around some more until you find the plug
that matches the shape you saw, and buy it.

Now head back out of the store and back to the Time Ripper.
Enter the code for Space Quest XII and leave.

Space Quest XII: Vohaul's Revenge II

Once here, head back to where you saw the terminal. Attach
the plug to the Pocket Pal and use it on the terminal to get
a map of your location. See that moving dot? That's a robot,
and you want to not be on the same screen as it, since it
will shoot you if it sees you. Your goal is to head two
screens to the left. Good luck.

Once you make it there, you will reach a door. Open the SQIV
Hintbook back up and go to page 7. Answer the questions
until one reveals a code. The code is: 6965847669. Enter
this code into the door.

Access the computer interface and you will see a Macintosh-
style screen with four programs on it: Space Quest IV,
King's Quest, a program shaped like a robot, and a program
shaped like a brain. Nearby these programs is a toilet
program. Now you must delete some stuff.

Delete the robot program by dragging it to the toilet. Now
you will no longer get attacked by robots in the corriders.
Next, delete the brain program. This will start a countdown.
Do not delete King's Quest, since it will only make the
countdown go faster. Don't delete Space Quest IV either,
since it will make the game exit itself.

When the countdown begins, exit the interface and run
through the corriders as fast as you can towards Vohaul's
room, which you saw in the cutscene where the Sequel Police
had captured Roger's son.

Once you reach the room, a platform will form, and a force
field holding Roger's son in place will go away. However,
it turns out that Vohaul had uploaded himself into Roger
Jr's body. Vohaul pulls out the disk on a nearby computer
and throws it into the pit. Then he lunges towards Roger.
Keep clicking your mouse behind him, because if he manages
to knock you over the side, you're dead.

Knock Vohaul down a few times, and then Roger will push him
back into the force field. Then climb down the ladder on the
side where Vohaul flung the disk away and retrieve it. Put
the disk into the computer next to it. Select 'Beam
Download', then 'Disk Upload.' Next, move the pointer to
'ROGER JR,' and finally, select 'Beam Upload.' You're done!
Now just watch the cutscene.

After Roger frees Roger Jr., they go outside the Sequel
Police base and have a father to son talk. Roger Jr. refuses
to tell Roger about the future, knowing the effects it might
have on the space-time continuum. However, he does reveal
that Roger got married, and even shows him a hologram of a
woman, who Roger didn't recognize. Then Roger Jr. feels that
he revealed too much, and uses his gun to create a time-warp
back to Space Quest IV. Roger and Roger Jr. say goodbye, and
Roger jumps into the time-warp.