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Mixed-Up Mother Goose

Walk Through

Items are scattered randomly about the game, and you need to pick them
up and return them to their proper places.

You get one point for each item you return to the correct scene.
There are no restrictions to order, excepting King Cole, who requires
three items in a specific succession. He may be a merry old soul, but
he sure is stingy with points and fussy for order. The tasks are below:

* return bucket to Jack and Jill
* give bread knife to Tommy Tucker
* 1)give pipe to King Cole. 2)give bowl to King Cole. 3)bring three fiddlers to King Cole.
* give ladder to Humpty Dumpty
* give fiddle to cat
* bring Miss Muffet back to her tuffet
* bring Mary her little lamb
* give meat to the Sprats(in the house)
* bring pumpkin woman back to Peter Pumpkin Eater
* give sixpence to crooked man (who's outside the house and who goes in)
* bring bagpipes to Banbury Cross
* give broth to woman(who's outside the shoe and goes in)
* bring sheep to Bo-Peep
* bring mouse to clock(in the house)
* give pie to Jack Horner
* give the dog to the boy
* give Mary her watering can
* give Jack his candlestick