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Manhunter : New York

Walk Through

Q. How do I use the tracker?

A. Your official Manhunter's Field Guide states that "...the most efficient way to use the tracker is to watch it until it terminates transmission. Proceed to replay the transmission, closing MAD after the target leaves each location. Travel to the location shown and investigate."

Q. My target blew a hole in the side of Bellevue Hospital and went inside, but doesn't seem to have done very much before leaving.

A. No, that's correct. I wonder why not?

Q. I looked up Reno Davis using MAD's Info function. If he was transferred to Chicago, then what's he doing lying dead in the hospital here?

A. Good question. We'll come back to it later. For now, just make a mental note of the discrepancy.

Q. What does my target do at Trinity Church?

A. That's another question that we'll have to revisit in a little while. For the time being, have a look around and remember where your suspect went once inside the church.

Q. The bartender at the Flatbush Bar seems to want to play a rather dangerous game!

A. It's no game. It's a test. Consider: what were you trying to do when the bartender and his cohorts interrupted you? Why might they have done that? If you pass the test, pay close attention to what the bartender does next.

Q. There doesn't seem to be very much to the video arcade game in the bar.

A. The arcade game is deceptively simple. In fact, it contains several important clues. Here's the first hint as to its purpose: what did you have to do in order to play it? Why do you think that is?

Q. Each time my arcade character passes over a square, one of the kewpie dolls at the top of the screen gets knocked out. Should I try to hit them all?

A. You could, but your main goal is simply to find your way through the maze to the exit. Try doing that and take careful note of what happens. Once you win, pay attention to the victory screen as well.

Q. Once at Prospect Park, the target that I'm tracking vanishes into thin air.

A. Your target vanishes into something all right! Replay the tracker and think about what might have happened. Remember the signal the bartender gave you after passing his test.

Q. I'm lost underground. Isn't there a map of this place?

A. Yes, there is...and you've already seen it, too! Where was your target before they travelled to Prospect Park, and what did they do there? What could their purpose have been?

Q. There seem to be random keycards laying around this place. Should I pick them up?

A. Yes, but be aware that the positions of the keycards are not random. They have been deliberately left in very specific locations. Any idea as to what those locations might be, and the purpose for choosing them?

Q. I've emerged in a cave at Dryer Offerman Park. Where do I go from here?

A. You've lost your target's tracking signal, but look around. How do you think they left here? Where might they have gone next?

Q. The amusement park overview looks suspiciously familiar.

A. It should. Where have you seen it before? What could be the relevance?

Q. What's there to do here, besides playing midway games to win stuffed Orbs?

A. Look carefully at the games. Does anything seem familiar? Consider the sequence of events that led you here. Have you seen that sequence mirrored elsewhere in a sort of microcosm, as it were? Try to begin tying things together, and you should come up with the answer.

Q. That huckster is sure giving me a funny look!

A. Yes, he is. You should know enough by now to figure out who this guy is allied with. How can you convince him that you're on the same side as he is?

Q. I've located the secret message, but it seems rather cryptic.

A. Your target has a definite goal in mind, and is actively working towards it. The first part of the message contains a clue as to what that goal might be. The second part warns of someone named Phil - it sounds like you'll want to be wary of him!

Day 2

Q. I have three targets to track today, and they seem to have stolen a robot from Grand Central Station.

A. Indeed they have, and with a very specific purpose too. Did you hear your supervising Orb's warning about the robot? Better get a move on while you've still got suspects to track!

Q. After leaving Grand Central Station, my targets split up. The first suspect travels to the Wretched Excess nightclub. What now?

A. Investigate - your suspect is still inside!

Q. The bouncer won't let me in.

A. You'll have to find an alternate means of entry. Any chance this place has a back door, maybe?

Q. I'm inside, but how will I ever locate my suspect in this crowd?

A. Re-read the section of your Manhunter's Field Guide that discusses appropriate attire for humans. Who here looks like they came out for a night of partying, and who looks like they might have just run in here off the street?

Q. The bouncer just came in and gave me the boot. Should I go back inside, or can I leave now?

A. That depends - did you locate your suspect? If so, I'm sure you wouldn't want to leave without a little "souvenir" of your encounter.

Q. The second suspect travels from Grand Central Station to the Vend-O-Deli, and encounters someone with a bizarre flashing tracking signal who cannot be tagged!

A. Strange, isn't it? What could it mean?

Q. What did my target do at the Vend-O-Deli?

A. There are a couple of bulletin boards here. Watch the tracker again and observe where your target goes. Earlier today, your suspects made an important discovery - one that moves them closer to realizing their ultimate goal. Your target has posted something related to this on one of the boards. Any idea what they might have discovered?

Q. My suspect travelled to Central Park along with the strange target who cannot be tagged. Every time I try to follow them, though, I end up being blown to pieces! Help!

A. This is the trickiest part of the game. Central Park is chock full of landmines, placed there by the Orbs for the Annual Human Survival Games. You need to follow your suspect's path exactly, or you will be blown up. To aid you in this, the tracker pauses after every move made by your target. The Offical Manhunter Field Map included with the game also contains an expanded map of Central Park which you can use to mark down and map out your suspect's path. This part is extremely difficult, so don't feel too bad if you have to consult the walkthrough to make it through unscathed.

Q. I've found my suspect, but he's seen better days! What happened here? What should I do now?

A. It's pretty obvious - the target who cannot be tagged must have turned out to be a pretty bad travelling companion! As for what you should do: examine the scene carefully. Jot down any details that seem important.

Q. Who is this mystery murderer who can't be tagged or tracked?

A. You should have a pretty good idea by now. Your suspect tried to identify him by writing his name in blood just before he died, but couldn't quite finish the job. If you looked at the warning sign just before entering Central Park, you'll notice that the Murrys slipped a little hint into their message to you as well. Put two and two together and you should come up with the answer.

Q. Since it looks like I've hit a dead end in Central Park, can I leave now?

A. Hold on a second. If you've done everything correctly, you should have not only discovered the murder site, but also located the murder weapon elsewhere in the park (actually the same item your target used to break into Grand Central Station earlier in the day). Also, you should have enough information to positively identify the two targets you've tracked so far today. Now, what should you do with that information?

Q. I've found the first two targets' residence, but it looks like I wasn't the first!

A. No, you weren't. Search the area quickly and then load up your tracker again.

Q. I still haven't found the stolen robot! Am I even on the right path?

A. You have three suspects to track today. Since you followed up on the first two and didn't find the robot, try the third!

Q. My third and final target of the day travels to the American Museum of Natural History after leaving Grand Central Station. What do I need to know about the museum?

A. You need to have your suspect's path mapped out before you enter, because venturing off route and getting lost means that you'll be trapped inside the museum. Save your game before entering!

Q. The museum's front doors and side doors are all locked, and I can't get in!

A. Do you know the identities of your first two targets yet? Have you followed up on that information?

Q. I ran out of keycards for the museum doors, and now I'm trapped!

A. This is another reason to save your game before entering the museum. Have you done everything you needed to do in the sewers and at the Wretched Excess nightclub?

Q. The creature in the museum keeps killing me!

A. You should be able to figure out who is keeping this creature, and why. How can you convince it that you are a friend and not a foe?

Q. I've reached the final room in the museum...what a mess! What happened here, and what should I do now?

A. Do you recall what your sector's supervising Orb told you about the robot this morning? Look around. Take note of anything that seems interesting. Pay particular attention to what your suspect is holding in his hand - it's of vital importance to the plan you're slowly uncovering!

Q. What's with the tattoo on my suspect's arm?

A. It's unusual, all right! Does it remind you of anything?

Day 3

Q. Somebody sure stuck it to the Orb at Greenwood Cemetery! What should I take note of here?

A. If someone deliberately planted the Orb in its present location, what do you think you should take note of?

Q. I tracked my suspect to a theatre in Times Square. There is a hidden wall safe in the office, but I don't know the combination!

A. You're right. You don't. Why not keep following your suspect to see what he does next? Have a quick glance around the office first, though, to see if anything else catches your eye.

Q. After leaving Times Square, my suspect runs into the person with the strange, untaggable signal. I followed them to Abdul's Pawn Shop, but Abdul is not very friendly!

A. Not if you can't show him that you're both on the same side! Remind me again - what side would that be?

Q. Abdul wants me to select badges from the display he shows me. How do I know which ones are the right ones?

A. This might seem off-topic, but it's probably a good time to ask: did you ever figure out the significance of the tattoo sported by the third suspect from yesterday? Here's a hint: he was given some information by your suspect from the first day, and had it tattooed on his arm so he wouldn't forget.

Q. Abdul let me pass, and now I'm looking at a picture with ten numbered buttons beneath it. What do I do here?

A. The picture has a corresponding code that will open the door next to it. You need to examine the picture carefully for clues as to what the code might be. There are four pictures in total. If you die, listen to the Murrys for hints. You're going to have to do some creative thinking to solve these. Good luck!

Q. I think I found my suspect, but he's not looking so good! What happened?

A. Remember what happened to the last person who went off with your untaggable mystery target? Examine the murder scene carefully.

Q. It looks like I've finally come face-to-face with the murderer! What should I do?

A. Get ready to rumble!

Q. I slugged the murderer, and he dropped something while fleeing. What is it?

A. Pick it up and have a look! It's something he stole from the man he just killed. Any idea what it could mean?

Q. I've emerged near the Empire State Building. Where should I go now?

A. If you understand the significance of the item you just picked up, you should have a pretty good idea not only where to go, but what to do there as well!

Q. Is there anything else I should do at the moment?

A. If you've examined all of your clues and managed to connect the dots, you should know the identity of today's suspect by now. You might try following up on that.

Q. I've found my suspect's residence. What is there to do here?

A. You've never been here before, but does this place look at all familiar? Can you tie it in to your investigations of the past day or so? If you think you are starting to understand what your targets are (or were) up to, you should be able to figure out what there is to do here.

Q. I wanted to enter the Empire State Building earlier, but I couldn't. So I left and now I can't even return - it no longer appears on my overhead city map!

A. Re-read your Manhunter's Field Guide. The Orbs have placed restrictions on Manhunters - you cannot travel to any location that is not pertinent to your investigation. Has the Empire State Building become pertinent to your investigation yet? If not, have you been following up properly on all of your leads?

Q. I've arrived at an office inside the Empire State Building, but I don't know the password to the computer!

A. You don't? Did you ever figure out the significance of the item the murderer dropped when you punched him?

Q. I'm into the computer - what do I do now?

A. Proceed with caution! This is the most crucial part of the entire game, for several reasons. First of all, it is at this point that you decide to "switch sides". The computer provides irrefutable evidence of the Orbs' nefarious deeds, and you cannot in good conscience go on working for them. So, you decide to carry out your (now deceased) suspects' plans yourself - you should have a good idea by now as to what those plans are. Second, you will be making crucial changes to the Orbs' security system that will have a profound effect on whether or not you are successful. But, you need to know what changes to make and also understand why you are making those changes. You should understand what your suspects have been looking for, their reasons, and their ultimate goal. You should know where they were successful and where they were not. Essentially, you need to make changes that will have the Orbs' security systems looking the other way to allow you to pursue your goal with minimal risk. If you make changes at random or don't know what you're doing, things could go very badly for you tomorrow. Above all, be careful!

Day 4

Q. Hooray! I've been told that after today, I am being transferred to Chicago. That's a good thing, right?

A. Is it now?

Q. The suspect I've been assigned to track today seems oddly familiar.

A. What did your supervising Orb say this suspect's infraction was again? It might be time to start packing for Chicago after all!

Q. Now what do I do? I think I know how to go about carrying out my suspects' plan.

A. Do you? Are you ready yet? Don't jump the gun. Consider your suspects' plans. Think about where they found what they were looking for, and where they were unsuccessful. To carry out their plans yourself, you'll need to seek the place where they were stymied and see if you have better luck than they did. Save your game first.

Q. OK, I found the location in question, but I can't get inside!

A. Are you sure you got the computer's security settings right yesterday? If not, it's still not too late to travel back to the Empire State Building and make some changes!

Q. Alright, now I've made it inside. What's going on in here?

A. You had a good browse through the computer's files yesterday, didn't you? If you can connect those to what you see here, you'll have your answer.

Q. I was captured by the Orbs and their robots, but think I can escape. The room I want to escape into has an Orb and a couple of robots inside - but even though the Orb and one robot eventually leave, the second robot stays behind!

A. In that case, there's a problem with the computer's security settings. Since you can no longer get back outside from here, you'll need to restore your game to a point just before you entered this place.

Q. What do I need to do in here?

A. You do know why you're here, don't you? And what you're looking for? Make sure you don't leave without it!

Q. Alright, I made it out and I have what I came for. Am I finally ready to carry out the "master plan"?

A. You are if you have three other items similar to that which you just acquired. But save your game first!

Q. I've found the ship, but how do I make it go?

A. What have you and the suspects you've been tracking spent the last four days looking for?

Q. The ship is all powered up, but the robots keep coming in and killing me!

A. You need to close the ship's door before the robots arrive. This part is trial and error, since you're obviously not familiar with the controls on an alien ship. Just keep pushing buttons.

Q. The ship is airborne, but I've got nowhere to go!

A. You need to open the hangar door before you can go anywhere. Set the ship back down on the landing pad and keep pressing buttons.

Q. I made it out of the tunnels, but I got shot down by the Orbs' air defenses!

A. That means there's a problem with the computer's security settings. You'll need to restore your game to a point just before you entered the hangar.

Q. My ship is armed with four bombs. Where should I drop them?

A. Remember the computer? It had all the information on the Orbs' main bases of operations. Have you figured out which sites in New York correspond with their code-names for those bases? Good luck! And watch out for Phil!


Warning: this section contains an explicit walkthrough for Manhunter: New York. If this is your first time playing the game and you need help, try checking the hints section first.

Day 1

Assignment: Investigate explosion at Bellevue Hospital

Your apartment (18C-7314 Fifth Avenue)

As the day begins, your sector's supervising Orb will arrive and give you your assignment for the day. Once it leaves, you will automatically open your MAD (Manhunter Assignment Device) and load up the tracker.

Watch the tracker and follow your target until the signal is lost. Then restart the tracker and press C to close your MAD after the target leaves Bellevue Hospital. Travel to Bellevue.

Bellevue Hospital (462 First Avenue)

Move around to the right side of the building, where the explosion took place, and enter the hole in the wall. Once inside, note the robot preventing access to the hallway - undoubtedly the reason your target did not get any further into the hospital.

Look at the face of the corpse lying on the table, but don't look too long! Now look at his foot - the toe tag identifies him as Reno Davis. Open your MAD and access the Info function. Enter the name Reno Davis.

MAD identifies him as a 38-year old Manhunter who has been transferred to Chicago. But if he's been transferred to Chicago, then what is he doing lying here, being eaten by baby Orbs? Make a note of this, but don't worry about it too much for now. Load up the tracker and follow your target to the next destination: Trinity Church.

Trinity Church (74 Trinity Place)

The tracker shows that your target did something at the alcove to the left of the altar, but at the moment you have no way of knowing what. Examine the alcove, light a few candles if you like, and load the tracker again. Your target's next destination is the Flatbush Bar in North Brooklyn.

Flatbush Bar (Flatbush Avenue)

Step on into the Flatbush Bar and watch the other patrons eyeing you suspiciously - clearly you're not a regular here. According to the tracker, your target next went to the video arcade game against the left wall, so go and take a look at that.

You only have a few seconds to look at the game before you are pulled roughly away by the bar's patrons. You are hauled to the centre of the room, and your right hand placed palm-down on a table. The bartender runs up and throws knives between your fingers. You must then do the same to him.

Once you do this successfully, you will have "proven" yourself to the bartender. Watch the sign he gives you - lifting his right hand up by his side and moving it downwards three times. Then he returns to his post behind the bar and you can now play the arcade game in peace.

Now copy down the map depicted in the video game, including all the squares -you will need it soon enough. Determine the most direct route to the exit and follow it, making note of which kewpie dolls are knocked out and in which order. Pay attention to the victory screen as well. Then load up the tracker and follow your target to the next destination: Prospect Park.

Prospect Park

Observe where your target went just before you lost the tracking signal. Enter the women's washroom (to the left) and proceed to the last stall on the right. Now sit down and make use of the signal the bartender gave you by flushing the toilet three times. You will be sucked down the plumbing and end up in the sewers.

The Sewers

The layout of the sewers is exactly the same as the maze in the arcade game at the Flatbush Bar. At each of the locations where there is a square in the game, you will find a keycard in the sewer. Make your way through the tunnels, taking care not to miss any keycards. You should have twelve when you finally reach the exit.

Dryer Offerman Park

You emerge from the sewers into a cave at Dryer Offerman Park, located in South Brooklyn. Notice that your target has accidentally dropped a medallion on the dock. Pick it up and pocket it. Move to the entrance to the cave and look outside. From here, you can see the ferris wheel at Coney Island - your next destination. Press F3 to leave and travel there.

Coney Island

The Coney Island overview should look familiar to you - it's the same as the image used in the arcade game's victory scene. Approach the midway on the left hand side and step up to the middle booth. Notice that the kewpie dolls are also the same as in the arcade game. Now you need to knock over the dolls in the exact order they were knocked down when you took the most direct path from beginning to end in the arcade game:

First knock over the third doll on the top shelf.
Then knock over the second doll on the second shelf.
Finally, knock over the last doll on the bottom shelf.

The huckster will give you an expectant stare. Since he's allied with your target, you can fool him into thinking you're on his side by showing him the anti-Orb medallion your target lost in the cave.

He will give you a data card meant for the eyes of the anti-Orb coalition only! You will automatically insert it into your MAD and access its contents. Read the two verses. The first gives a hint as to your target's plans. The second contains a warning about someone named Phil.

The Orbs will now override your MAD and demand that you report your day's findings. You have not managed to ascertain your target's identity, so hit Enter or type "Unknown" when the Orbs ask for a name. You will automatically return home.

Day 2

Assignment: Investigate theft of maintenance robot from Grand Central Station.

Your apartment (18C-7314 Fifth Avenue)

Your sector's supervising Orb arrives and gives you your daily assignment. There are three suspects involved in the theft. Track them in the order they appear. Watch the tracker and follow your first target until signal movement ceases. Then restart the tracker and press C to close your MAD after the targets leave Grand Central Station. Travel to Grand Central.

Grand Central Station (15 Vanderbilt Avenue)

There is not much to see at Grand Central Station - the Orbs are already in the process of repairing the damage caused during the break-in. Take a quick look around, and then load up the tracker again. Your first target now travels to the Wretched Excess nightclub in Greenwich Village and goes inside, after which signal movement ceases. Travel to the Wretched Excess.

Wretched Excess Nightclub (Greenwich Village)

You arrive at the Wretched Excess, but the bouncer refuses to let you in. Open your MAD and enter his name (Louis Redman) into the Info feature if you like, although he isn't really relevant to your investigation. Enter the alley to the left of the nightclub in search of another entrance. You'll be confronted by a gang of blood-thirsty street punks! Move further ahead into the alley.


There are four punks, and you'll have to face them each in turn. The first two throw knives at you, which you will either have to duck or jump. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen. When you get close enough, let loose with a haymaker to knock these hoods out. The third punk hurls Molotov cocktails at you! Deal with him in the same way as the first two. The final punk is armed with a gun. Be careful! If he raises his arm, he's aiming high; if he drops it down by his leg, he will shoot low. Try to anticipate his actions and react accordingly. Once you're in range, throw a punch at him as well. You won't knock him out, but you will make him angry! He'll pick you up and throw you through the window of the nightclub. Well, that's one way to get in!

Wretched Excess Nightclub (Greenwich Village)

Most of the people in the Wretched Excess are here for a night of partying and are dressed in their coloured robes - one of the few forms of self-expression tolerated by the Orbs. Your target, however, just ran in here off the street. Take a closer look at the only person here wearing a standard brown robe. You've located your target - but she's not too happy about being found! When she hits you with her purse, a keycard will fall out of it. Quickly grab it before the bouncer runs in and kicks you out. You should now have thirteen keycards.

You've done all you can do here. Open your MAD, access the tracker and tag the second suspect. Watch the tracker until the signal movement stops. Then re-load the tracker. After leaving Grand Central Station, your second suspect travels to the Vend-O-Deli, where he encounters someone with an unusual tracking signal who cannot be tagged. The two leave together. Once they leave the Vend-O-Deli, close your MAD and press F3 to travel.

Vend-O-Deli (Upper West Side)

There are some vending machines here, and a couple of bulletin boards. Your target posted a note on the right-hand board; unfortunately, you have no way of being certain which one it is right now. For the moment, there's nothing more you can do here. Open your MAD, bring up the tracker, and watch your target as he travels with his new companion to the next destination: Central Park.

Central Park (West 72nd Street)

Look at the sign just to the left of the "Imagine" mosaic. Better step lively! You need to follow the precise path your suspect and his companion took, or you will be blown up. To do so, ensure that you position the arrow exactly as shown in the following screenshots:

Grab the crowbar...

...and now back up.

You've managed to locate your suspect, although his current condition leaves a little to be desired! Look at his face and note the "P" carved into his forehead. Now look at the items strewn on the ground. The handkerchief bears the name "H. Osborne. There is also a note on the ground mentioning a meeting with "Anna". Open up your MAD, access the Info feature and try entering the name Anna Osborne. Good work! You've just learned the identity of your first suspect of the day...and you've got an address!

Now close your MAD, back up and take another look at the body. Your suspect tried to identify his murderer by writing his name in blood, but couldn't quite get it all out. It's a safe guess that the Phil mentioned on the datacard is the killer. Your target got as far as writing "Coo" before he died. The Murrys hid a clue in their warning about the landmines in Central Park - "Don't get your goose cooked!" The killer's name is Phil Cook. Open your MAD again and enter his name. You've got another address!

There's nothing more to do in Central Park, so head back to the Vend-O-Deli. You should now have enough information to figure out which note your suspect left.

Vend-O-Deli (Upper West Side)

Take another look at the bulletin board on the right side. The note you're looking for was left by H. Osborne. There's only one note here signed by someone whose name begins with H...the note in the lower right corner signed by Harvey. Open your MAD and enter the name Harvey Osborne into the Info function. Good work! You've positively identified your second suspect of the day! And since Harvey and Anna share the same last name and address, you've confirmed that your first two targets today are husband and wife.

There's nothing else to do here. Before tracking your third suspect of the day, however, press F3 to travel and head over to the Osbornes' residence at 150 West 82nd.

150 West 82nd Street

The door's ajar, so go inside. Look in the shopping bag on the floor and take the key from the bottom. Note the blood spatter on the wall and floor. Now press the button on the wall to open the back door. Looks like Anna didn't fare any better than her husband! She returned home after you saw her at the Wretched Excess - unfortunately for her, Phil also came straight here after murdering Harvey. That's definitely his handiwork on her forehead!

There's nothing else you can do here, so you can try finding Phil by travelling to the address listed in MAD - Fifth Avenue & 34th Street, also known as the Empire State Building!

Empire State Building (Fifth Avenue & 34th Street)

The door is locked. Phil is not here, or he has barricaded himself inside. In any event, you've hit a dead end for the time being, so open your MAD and load the tracker - it's time to investigate your third suspect of the day.

The third and final target travels directly to the American Museum of Natural History after leaving Grand Central Station. As you are watching the tracker, draw a map of all four floors of the museum and write down your target's path. Wait until signal movement ceases. Then close your MAD and hit F3 to travel.

American Museum of Natural History (79th Street & Central Park West)

You should ensure that you have thirteen keycards before entering the museum. You can't get in through the front, so move around the right side and use the key you got from the Osbornes' residence to open the door.

Now follow the path you mapped out, using the keycards to open the doors. Once a door is open, move through it quickly before it closes again! The following screenshots show the correct route to take:

Once you reach the fourth floor, you will be faced with a barred wooden door. Select the crowbar from your inventory and you will begin trying to open it. While you are working on the door, a creature will come up to you from behind. Since this creature must be allied with your suspects, you can pacify it by flashing your anti-Orb medallion. Once you have done this, it will unbar the door for you and you can continue on your way.

Proceed down the corridor. When you reach the end, you will see a door and someone's head through a window in the wall - then an explosion - and then nothing! Go through the door and enter the room. What a mess!

You've caught up to your third target of the day - or what's left of him. On the desk nearby are the remains of the stolen maintenance robot. It looks like your suspect suffered the wrath of the robot's explosive internal anti-tampering mechanism. He did, however, manage to extract what he wanted - a computer module that was inside the robot. It's still in his hand - pity it won't do him any good in this state! Pick it up and add it to your inventory.

Look around the room and copy down the diagram on the wall and the tattoo on your suspect's arm. Then hit F3 to leave.

The Orbs will now override your MAD and demand that you report your day's findings. You have managed to determine the identities of two of your targets: Harvey and Anna Osborne. The third target remains a mystery. Once you have finished, you will automatically return home.

Day 3

Assignment: Investigate dead Orb at Greenwood Cemetery

Your apartment (18C-7314 Fifth Avenue)

Your sector's supervising Orb arrives and gives you your assignment for today. Watch the tracker and follow your target until the signal is lost. Then restart the tracker and press C to close your MAD after the target leaves Greenwood Cemetery.

Greenwood Cemetery (5th Avenue & 25th Street)

Enter the cemetery and take note of whose grave the dead Orb is planted on. Several things are important here: the name Tim Jones, his birth date and date of death, the fact that he is survived by his father, and the epitaph. Make some notes and then open your MAD to track your suspect to the next location: Times Square.

Times Square

As you enter Times Square, take a moment to look at the theatre marquee to see what movies last played - a nice touch of ironic humour!

According to the tracker, your suspect entered the theatre's office. Do the same, and look around. Note the two pictures near the desk to the right - they are pictures of the boy whose grave the Orb was planted on. A little more searching will reveal a hidden wall safe behind the picture to the left. You don't know the combination yet, so there's nothing more to do here for the moment.

Before resuming the search for your suspect, though, take a little detour and travel back to Trinity Church.

Trinity Church (74 Trinity Place)

You now have enough information to know what your target did here the first day. Lighting certain candles will open a secret compartment, and the dead suspect at the American Museum of Natural History had the details tattooed on his arm. Look at the notes you took and light the three candles shown in the screenshot above.

When the secret compartment opens, take the computer module from inside. Notice that the door to the compartment has three symbols on it - two on the inside and one on the outside. Make a note of these symbols.

Now you can load up the tracker again and resume the hunt. After leaving Times Square, your suspect encounters Phil Cook! The two of them travel to Abdul's Pawn Shop, where both signals abruptly vanish. Follow them!

Abdul's Pawn Shop (Greenwich Village)

Enter the pawn shop and approach the counter. Abdul is very suspicious of you and will want you to prove your allegiance by selecting three badges from a board he holds up. The three badges you need to choose are the same as the symbols on the door to the secret compartment at Trinity Church.

Once you have chosen correctly, Abdul will activate a trap door and you will find yourself underground!

The Tunnels

Beneath Abdul's, you will be faced with four pictures. Each picture sits beside a door and has ten numbered buttons beneath it. To open the doors, you have to figure out the combinations by deciphering the clues in the pictures.

Combination #1: 41 (turn the picture upside-down and look at the shadows)
Combination #2: 1031 (10/31, or October 31, the date Hallowe'en falls on)
Combination #3: 264 (one less than 3, 3 plus 3 and one greater than 3)
Combination #4: 425 (the plant has three dead sprigs - count their branches)

Keep going down the tunnels and you'll find your suspect - but not before Phil got through with him! Examine the body. Note the name Harry inscribed on his lapel. By now, you should have figured out that this man is the father of the boy on whose grave the dead Orb was planted (Tim Jones). You can't use your MAD right now to look him up, though, because the signal is too weak underground. So, continue onwards.

Turn the corner, and you'll run into Phil! Apparently he only just finished killing Harry and hadn't had a chance to get away yet. As you approach, he jumps down and pulls a knife on you!

You have no choice but to fight. Follow the on-screen instructions. Keep dodging Phil's knife thrusts until you get the opportunity to throw a punch. Connect, and you'll send him flying! As he retreats, he drops a note that he had just stolen from Harry. Pick it up. It's the combination to the wall safe in Harry's office.

Head up the ladder. Once you're above ground, open your MAD and access the Info function. Enter the name Harry Jones, and you've now got his home address! For now, though, head back to his office in Times Square.

Times Square

Enter the office of the theatre and uncover the hidden wall safe. Enter the code - 843769. When the safe opens, take the document inside. This document has a code written on it - UCUCC. Jot this down and prepare to travel to Harry's residence at the southern tip of Manhattan.

21 Pearl Street

The door is open, so go on in. Look around - does this place look familiar? You actually saw a diagram of this room on the chalkboard at the American Museum of Natural History, with an arrow pointing to the stereo. Harry has found something and hidden it in his stereo. So, walk up to it, pull out your crowbar, and smash away!

Inside is another computer module. Add it to your inventory and press F3 to travel back to the Empire State Building. It's time to see if you can get in yet.

Empire State Building (Fifth Avenue & 34th Street)

The door is now open, and Phil is nowhere to be seen. Step up to the computer and flip the power switch. When you are prompted for a password, enter the letters from the note you took from Harry's wall safe - UCUCC. You will receive a warning that access is restricted to top control personnel only. Select "continue".

Look at the four main sites listed in the computer and you will discover the Orbs' terrible secrets. These sites are as follows:

ALPHA - this is where the Orbs are processing humans into food and hatching their young.
BETA - the location of the Orbs' fleet of ships.
GAMMA - this is the location the Orbs are using to "purify" the air by pumping out fumes that make it easier for them to breathe, and also make humans sluggish and easier to control. The Orbs' main radar and anti-air defense systems are also located here.
DELTA - this location houses the Orbs' central computer system as well as their main radio transmitter.

By now, you should have determined that the suspects you have been tracking had planned to steal an Orb ship and use it to bomb the Statue of Liberty (one of the most obvious symbols of Orb rule in the city). To this end, they needed four computer modules to power the ship. If you're going to carry out their plans yourself, you still need to find the fourth module as well as make sure the skies will be reasonably safe for you to fly in. Since Bellevue Hospital is the only location where your suspects have not had any luck, it's reasonable to assume that is where the fourth module is located.

To ensure that you can carry out this mission, make the following changes to the Orbs' computer settings:

ALPHA - access the Security menu and change the first setting to Hall Patrol. This will ensure that the robot guarding the hole in the wall at Bellevue Hospital leaves to patrol the hallways. Leave the second setting at Orb Protection.
BETA - you do not need to do anything here.
GAMMA - access the Security menu and ensure that Ground Patrol is selected. This will ensure that the robots are not manning the anti-air defense systems.
DELTA - you do not need to do anything here. You can activate the Signal Tracker if you like, but it is not necessary. If you do activate the Signal Tracker, do not re-select Access Security afterwards!!

Now return to the main menu and select Quit to leave the computer. Press F3 to leave. The Orbs will override your MAD and demand that you report your day's findings. When prompted for your suspect's name, enter Harry Jones. You will automatically return home.

Day 4

Assignment: Investigate illegal access at Alliance computer

Your apartment (18C-7314 Fifth Avenue)

As the fourth day begins, your supervising Orb will arrive and give you your daily assignment. It will then inform you that, after today, you are being transferred to Chicago. Remember poor Reno Davis, who was also "transferred to Chicago"? Doesn't really give you much to look forward to, does it?

You will automatically open your MAD. Once the tracker loads, it will zoom in on the Alliance computer's I/O buffer. You will need to tag the signal that enters from the bottom, after which it will be fed into the analyzer to determine whether or not it contains restricted information. Follow the instructions on-screen. Once you have located the correct signal, it will be traced back to the computer where the illegal access occurred.

Watch the tracker and you'll see that - horror of horrors - you've been assigned to track yourself! Apparently the tampering you did with the Alliance's computer settings didn't go unnoticed, and now you find yourself in the awkward position of investigating your own misdeeds. How are you going to explain this to the Orbs?

Fortunately, you won't have to if you act quickly and decisively. You know where to find an Orb spaceship. Now you just need one more module to power it. Close your MAD and travel to Bellevue Hospital.

Bellevue Hospital (462 First Avenue)

Enter the hospital through the hole in the wall. If you set the computer correctly, the robot who was guarding the doorway will be gone. Go through the door and into the hallway.

Of course, an Orb will spot you almost immediately. A robot will chase you down the hall, capture you and throw you into a room with a large pile of bones.

Scale the pile and peer through the screened window. You will be looking down into a room where an Orb and a couple of robots are in the process of rendering human corpses into food for the Orbs. Wait until they run out of corpses and shut down the operation. If you set the computer correctly yesterday, both robots will leave at the same time as the Orb. Use your crowbar to pry off the screen and enter the room.

Approach the control panel where the first robot was working and examine it. You've found the module that your suspects were after! Grab it and restart the rendering machine by moving the handle to the up position (if you move the handle downwards, the conveyer will be moving in the wrong direction and you yourself will be rendered). Climb up onto the conveyer belt.

You now find yourself in a room containing the hospital's poor, overtaxed electrical grid. The circuits are heavily overloaded and power surges are cascading down from the ceiling! You need to climb and jump from cable to cable and platform to platform, avoiding the surges as you go. Make your way to the window on the upper left. You will fall out and find yourself outside the hospital once more.

Now that you have all four modules, it's time to find an Orb ship in which to take to the air. Travel back to Grand Central Station.

Grand Central Station (15 Vanderbilt Avenue)

Move over to the panel your suspects broke into on the second day, and pry it open with your crowbar. You will find yourself staring at one of the Orb spacecraft. Climb up through the open hatch at the bottom and go inside.

Orb Spaceship

You are now looking at the main control panel for the Orb ship. Insert all four modules into the slots in the panel. Now power up the ship by pressing the button to the left of the viewscreen. Next, close the ship's hatch by pressing the button directly below the viewscreen. Once this is done, arm the ship's weaponry by pressing the button to the right of the screen. Now open the hangar door by pressing the bottom right button. Finally, take off by pressing the button on the bottom left.

Fly through the hangar door and you will find yourself in a maze of underground tunnels. Immediately take the tunnel heading downwards. When you reach an area where four tunnels intersect, fly into the one that heads down and to the right. It will level out and lead to an area where three tunnels head upwards. Take the middle one and follow it until you are below Prospect Park. When you reach the end, you will burst out through the restrooms and find yourself above the city.

Phil, meanwhile, is not pleased with your success. He climbs into a spaceship of his own and flies up to meet you!

When you find yourself again looking at the ship's control panel, press the viewscreen button to activate it. Then look at the viewscreen and you will see an overhead view of the city.

Above the City

Now that you are airborne, you need to drop a bomb on each of the Orbs' main strongholds. If you recall, these were listed in the Alliance computer. The sites you need to bomb are:

ALPHA - Bellevue Hospital
BETA - Grand Central Station
GAMMA - The Statue of Liberty
DELTA - The Empire State Building

Be careful! Phil is also flying around, trying to knock you out of the sky. Do your best to avoid him!

Once you have successfully destroyed the Orbs' main bases of operations, you will land your ship and immediately be mobbed by the grateful citizenry of New York. The party is short-lived, however, as Phil swoops down and vaporizes your new-found friends before flying off again.

You take off in hot pursuit. Congratulations! Phil may still be at large, but you've managed to liberate New York from Orb rule. Next stop: San Francisco!


This section summarizes the plot of Manhunter: New York, as well as explaining the movements, motives and actions of the targets you are tracking.

As the game begins, you are assigned to track the activities of subversive humans. As it turns out, these humans are actually part of an anti-Orb coalition - the Underground. They are reasonably well organized, recognize the inherent dangers of their activities and take pains to safeguard the knowledge they obtain against the accidental demise or disappearance of one or more of their numbers. What you don