Getting Started with SCI

To make an SCI game, it would definitely help to have some prior programming experience but hopefully the tutorials found here will be more than sufficient to get you up and running in no time. These tutorials are not written with the assumption that you are an experienced computer programmer, but instead will hopefully get even the novice off the ground fairly painlessly. This first set of tutorials, will give you an idea of how programming an SCI game generally works (variables, if, else, while, statements, etc.). Later tutorial sets will guide you through actually using the SCi Companion IDE and actually programming your first SCI game, but for now lets just cover a few basics that will help at least give you a fundamental idea of SCI Programming. It is not expected that you will understand every word that is covered in this section, but referring back to it as you start down this road, hopefully it will make more and more sense as you go along.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Brian Provinciano who created the first SCI Studio and started everything. While SCI Studio is still available for download off of the tools page, it is strongly suggested that you begin your game making with SCI Companion developed by Phil Fortier. It is far superior in almost every way.