Space Quest X: The Lost Chapter AGI

March 12, 2001by Vonster D. Monster

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Game Description Roger Wilco, our beloved hero, still floating in space after defeating Vohaul in SQ2. After who knows how long drifting in space a strange force slams into Roger


Cloudee1's Rating

All in all, a pretty good game. Freakin huge that's for sure. The biggest issue this game had, was it's playability. There were several instances where there really weren't any clues that there was anything to be accomplished or even looked at in some rooms in which there certainly were. The only reason I was able to beat this game was because I used a walkthrough to do it. As for the music... Benefit of the doubt on this one as I played it at work so I had the speakers muted the whole time. I have no idea if there was a single note played during the whole game.