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Christmas Card
« on: November 01, 2014, 03:28:35 PM »
This is a Christmas Card, not a playable game.

Remove all player controls except for four:
- A key to "stop"  (to halt and exit the program)
- A key to "pause" (to halt the program until the user presses the same key again)
- A key to "restart"  (to restart the program from the very beginning)
- A key to "mute" (to continue the program with no sound until the uses presses the same key again)

Use any available Christmas song for the Christmas card.
(Bonus points if you can tailor the song to be played on all formats: PC Speaker, Tandy 3-voice, Roland, and so on. This is entirely optional. Otherwise, just go for the best quality you can muster)

The lyrics of the Christmas song must be on the screen.

Tailor this Christmas card to someone specific (for example, "From Joe Smith, to my wife Barbara", "To Mikey, from your dad", or "To Al Lowe, thanks for your inspiration. From your fan, Roger Wilco")

Send this Christmas card to that person.

From here on out, the rest is entirely up to you. Here are some ideas on what to do for the Christmas card:
* Static images of Christmas scenes
* Familiar Sierra characters in familiar Sierra game screens in gestures of togetherness for the holidays
* Your best animated interpretation of a Snoopy Christmas, or the Grinch that Stole Christmas
* Static memorable family images
* A Christmas tree with an animated train circling around it

As for ending the Christmas card, that is also entirely up to you. Here are some ideas:
* An infinite loop. The program will not stop until the user presses the "Stop" key.
* End the program at the end of the song
* End the program at the end of the animation
* After the song has ended, put an infinite loop on a static image that will not stop until the user presses the "Stop" key.

Happy holidays everyone!
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