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Bit of a rough ride home yesterday
« on: September 03, 2015, 10:17:12 PM »
Not sure if anyone here knows it or not, but I own a motorcycle and love riding it. Whenever I am not ferrying kids around, the motorcycle is my preferred choice of transportation. The bike I currently own is old and very beat up. I was not the one who did the beating though. I bought an 89 CBR600 from a guy three years ago for 500 bucks. Except for some issues with the charging system, which can be overcome by plugging it into a battery charger each night, it has never given me any real issues... until yesterday.

While riding home from work, it felt and acted like the chain was trying to come off... Impossible to see the back sprocket while driving but that's what it felt like. Giving a little jerk and a popping sound randomly. I slowed way down and crawled home at about 30 mph. I got home and checked the chain and it definitely had more play in it than it should have. So I took off the front sprocket cover off and made sure that it was at least seated on the sprocket and then went to work on tightening the chain. With that complete I had thought my problem was solved.

Later I rode it the couple of miles down to the gas station. There is definitely something going on. While giving the bike gas, there was a very rhythmic tick to the bike and feedback that coincided with it. With the clutch pulled in and coasting, there was no issue. Revving the engine, there is no issue. Coasting (as in not giving the bike gas, or pulling in on the clutch) I am not sure about, I was trying to hard to "feel" something wrong, so if it was doing it, it was barely noticeable but it may have been. Giving the bike gas, there was a very noticeable and very rhythmic problem.

I assumed at that point that there is something going on with with the transmission. I am definitely not the guy for that kind of tear down and repair.

Got home from work tonight and started on taking the chain off. I found the issue (I can only assume) at the same time that I found the master link.

Ordered a replacement master link off of Amazon and I will be stopping by the shop during lunch tomorrow to pick up another one. Once the spare arrives it will be added to the tool bag... just in case.

I have never had a link give out like that before. I can only assume that during the ride home yesterday the chain was loose enough that it was trying to come off which caused it to crack. Then I probably over tightened the chain which is what finished it off. The ride home from work, the issue was sporadic, but after tightening the chain, it was very rhythmic.

Looking like the bike I bought for $500 bucks 3 years ago is going to get a few more miles on her yet. Best return on my money I have ever had. Not going to lie though, I was getting pretty excited looking for a new bike today after thinking all day that it was on it's way to the grave.

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