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Chapter 26: Game Maintenance
About the Game Resources
All the game's resources are generally stored in the resource packages. When a resource file from a package is changed, the updated file is added to the package. However, the previous file is not removed. When updating the game frequently, it can get very full of unused resources.
In order to clear the unused resources, all you need to do is click the "Rebuild" button in the Game Explorer! It's as simple as that!
The game will be rebuilt, and the unused resources will be removed.
Did you know that you can also rebuild Sierra's games? That's right! Here's an example of how much space is freed with it:
Game Original Size New Size Space Freed
King's Quest IV 2,714.10 KB 2,152.31 KB 561.79 KB
Leisure Suit Larry 2 1,520.51 KB 1,303.78 KB 216.73 KB
Leisure Suit Larry 3 2,007.04 KB 1,799.73 KB 207.31 KB
Quest for Glory I 2,403.58 KB 2,028.83 KB 374.75 KB
You should never release your game to the public without rebuilding the resources. That way, the file will be much smaller!
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