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Chapter 2: Getting the Cursors in Order

This chapter deals with getting our essential cursors in order, as well as attempting to illustrate the basics behind our whole item cursor game plan. Really it isn't all that complicated, besides our basic action cursors, our inventory item cursors are going to be saved under the same resource number as they were defined as in during chapter 1, so Cursor 1 corresponds to item 1.

Our Basic Action Cursors

So really, this almost feels like it is self explanatory, but I'll add a couple of words anyway. To start with let's go ahead and handle our basic action cursors. These are the cursors that allow your character to perform all of the basic actions that we need in our inventory room, hence the title. What might not be so self explanatory though, is the numbering system. So here goes:

  • Look Cursor - save as 998
  • Talk Cursor - save as 996
  • Hand Cursor - save as 995
That pretty much sums up the basic actions for our inventory room. We are going to add in a couple more when we get to making the rest of the game point and click but for now, this is all we need.
Our Inventory Item Cursors

Like I said up above, managing our point and click system is going to be much easier if you can keep a few variables straight. Starting with saving your inventory cursors the same as they were defined in which we handled in the last chapter. So building off of that idea, this is where we're at:

  • Cash - defined as Item 1 - save as cursor 1
  • Balloon - defined as Item 2 - save as cursor 2
  • Striiing - defined as Item 3 - save as cursor 3
  • StriiingBalloon - defined as Item 4 - save as cursor 4
Alright, so that's what we've got so far, as long as you keep up numbering the cursors the same as the define number adding more items in later shouldn't be to difficult.
That sums up our creation of point and click cursors, still not too difficult eh!
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