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Missing Feature in Template Game
« on: December 24, 2013, 03:12:15 AM »
Doan brought this to my attention. The template game is missing the delete save game button. This button is present in most (all?) Sierra games. I am a little surprised that Brain would have removed this feature. Perhaps it was just an oversight. Without this feature the only way to delete a save game is to delete that save game files. Of course you can't tell what file is what save game without peeking inside the files.

The save game file names follow the DOS 8.3 naming convention. They are based on the first eight characters of the game name set by the declared instance of the game in the

Code: [Select]
(instance public MYNAME of Game
I know that many here are aware of where to set the name, but I have noticed a lot of the fan games that have missed this.

If the name is seven characters, the save name ends with an additional S (or SG if the game name is six or less.)  For the Template game this is "TEMPLATE.*" For BA, this is "BASG.*" It consists of a numbered extension, starting with "000" for each saved game along with the save game directory or catalog file, "DIR" for SCI0 games or "CAT" for later versions of SCI.

If a save game file is not listed in the directory file, the game will not see it. So to restore this feature, the game would have to not only delete the right save game file, it would also have to edit the directory file to remove that save from the list. It would then have to re-read the directory file to reload the save game list in the save/restore dialogs.

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